Synopsis: Five single moms form a support group and become friends.

Do you know that movie that everyone seems to love except you?  That “feel-good” movie that supposedly tugs at the heart strings?  And you’re left cold?  Well, the latest Tyler Perry film does exactly that.  I should’ve liked it, but I didn’t.

The story is about 5 completely different women with only one thing in common–they’re all single moms. Jan (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is a career woman who is trying to juggle her publishing career with motherhood. May (Nia Long) is a newspaper writer who is trying to get her book published. Esperanza (Zulay Henao) is still financially dependent on her ex-husband. She’s forced to keep her relationship with Manny (William Levy) a secret. Hillary (Amy Smart) is going through a tough divorce, and has just had her alimony and child support reduced, forcing her to fire the help. Lytia (Cocoa Brown) is a fast food worker trying to keep her son from becoming like her jailed ex and two older sons. The women are brought together when their children are threatened with expulsion. They have to organize a fundraiser party together, and they bond over time.

The best performance easily belongs to Nia Long. I think she did a good job. The others aren’t as good, or even interesting. Sometimes, they come across as cold, but the performances just aren’t that good. Okay, maybe. But the script is as good as it should be, so maybe that’s the problem.

I agree with the moral of the story–that women should stick together. Things would be simpler for us girls if we DID stick together. But you don’t have to beat people over the head with it. The situations are realistic. There are women–and men for that matter–that goes through situations like these women do. Even the perils of dating. But for some reason, I was left kinda cold…

Speaking of dating, I expected to see some of it in a movie about single moms. Spoilers, I actually hated the fact that they ALL wind up with boyfriends at the end of the movie. It would’ve been better if some of them wound up alone, and some of them didn’t. You can be alone and happy.

This is a movie I should’ve liked, but I didn’t. Oh well….

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