I’ve recently read a lot of good things about Liane Moriaty, author of “Big Little Lies”.  She was supposedly an amazing author, so I decided to check her latest effort.  And for the most part, I was very pleased.

“Big Little Lies” is a story about secrets, lies and how they can hold you back.  Our three main characters certainly have their fill of both.  Jane is new to town and the youngest of the three.  She’s a simple girl, raising her young son, Ziggy,  alone.  She’s been living with a deep, dark secret for years.  It involves the horrendous night in which Ziggy was conceived.  Will she ever move on and find love?  Madeline is funny, smart, and extremely devoted to her family and friends.  She also has an ex-husband she still resents–he abandoned her and her teenage daughter years ago–and she can’t stand his hippie wife, Bonnie.  She’s able to stand up to anyone who disrespects her and the people she cares about.  Everyone except her teenager, Abigail.  She’s terrified of losing Abigail to her ex and his wife.  How will she handle all this?  Celeste is the charming and glamorous mother of twin boys.  She seems to have the perfect husband, and the perfect life.  But no one knows that her “perfect” life is a big lie.  No one knows that she’s actually in an abusive relationship.  Will she find the strength to leave and start over?

Another interesting part of this story is that it’s also a murder mystery.  But we don’t know who the victim or the suspect is until the very end of the book.  I liked how fleshed out and human all the characters were.  Especially Jane, Celeste and Madeline of course.  You laughed with them, felt sad for them and enjoyed their friendship.  I found most of the characters to be likable–except you-know-who.  The book did start off rather slow.  I almost gave up on it but then it suddenly got interesting and remained that way until the last page.  But I think I would’ve shaved off about 100 pages.  The whodunit was a shocker.  I’m still thinking about it a few days later!

I highly recommend “Big Little Lies.  It’s a very entertaining book.

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