Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom, Zooey Deschanel as Summer

Synopsis:  The story of a hopeless romantic named Tom who falls for Summer, a woman who doesn’t believe in true love.

I’ll be honest.  I was fully prepared to hate this movie.  Just another dull, overly hyped movie, I thought.  And the first time I saw it, I liked it.  The second time, it really struck a cord with me.

The movie is about a man named Tom and a woman called Summer.  They have chemistry right from the start.  Summer is Tom’s dream woman.  She’s gorgeous, funny, smart and interesting.  They have a lot in common.  His soulmate is finally here!  There’s a slight problem, though.  Tom is a firm believer in love, Summer thinks it’s all a fantasy.  What can possibly happen between these two?   How long can this last?  Will there be a “happily ever after”?  Well, kinda.  The fun part is watching it all unfold.

The performances in this movie were amazing.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was very believable and honest in his portrayal of Tom.  We basically see things through Tom’s eyes.  Then we realize that even if we’ve never seen this movie before now, we actually have because we know how it feels to have your heart broken.  I’ve rarely seen such a honest performance.  Zooey Deschanel was also good as Summer.  I like how she can play a new version of “the girl next door”.  She’s smart, cute, approachable and a real heartbreaker.  But she doesn’t seem that way when we first meet her.  There’s one small hiccup I had with Summer’s character, though–we don’t know her nearly as well as we know Tom.  Maybe we’re not supposed to?  This is Tom’s story mainly, but I wish we knew a bit more about the woman who broke his heart.

I loved the title of the movie.  In most romantic comedies, you don’t get a time frame.  At least not a realistic one.  500 days is enough time to have a relationship.  Director Marcus Webb did an amazing job.  I enjoyed his use of a non-literal storytelling.  In real life, we usually start remembering the good times before the bad.  So it’s use was very effective and realistic.  The song-and-dance number was a little silly, but it was fun to watch.  The “Expectations vs Reality” scene hit me the hardest.  Partly because of the song choice for the scene, Regina Spektor’s “Us”.  But mainly because I’ve been in similar situations in my life.

But it all ends on a hopeful note. “500 Days of Summer” is an excellent piece of filmmaking, and I highly recommend it.

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