Review of “The Crow”

Review of “The Crow”

Cast:  Brandon Lee as The Crow/Eric Draven, Sofia Shinas as Shelly, Michael Wincott as Top Dollar, Ernie Hudson

Synopsis:  A guitarist comes back from the dead to avenge his and his fiancee’s murders.

Brandon Lee would’ve been a great actor. I genuinely believe that. “The Crow” should’ve been the beginning of a remarkable career in Hollywood, instead of his last movie ever.  In “The Crow”, Brandon Lee plays Eric Draven, a young man who is murdered the night before his wedding to Shelly (Sofia Shinas).  Shelly dies the day after.  A year later, Eric rises from the dead to exact revenge against the gang who killed them.

The acting in “The Crow” ranges from good to amazing.  The best performance comes from Brandon Lee.  He could’ve played a wooden, unrelatable character pretty easily, but he didn’t.  You really can put yourself in Eric’s shoes.  You can really feel his pain, his rage and even his love for Shelly.  Sofia Shinas was good as Shelly, but I wish we could’ve seen a little more of her in the movie.  Ernie Hudson was good as well playing Officer Albrecht.  It was fun seeing a cop who was rebellious and caring at the same time.

I really enjoyed the look of the film.  Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski did an amazing job with the film.  It was dark without being too dark.  It fit perfectly with the tone of the film.  I also enjoyed the stunts in the film.  They seemed really daring.  I kinda liked the music in the movie.  This was apparently director Alex Proyas’ first foray into film directing.  You can hardly tell.

All in all, I enjoyed “The Crow”.  Watch in remembrance of the late, great Brandon Lee.    8.5/10