Review for “Remember Me?” by Sophie Kinsella

Review for “Remember Me?” by Sophie Kinsella

Synopsis:  A woman wakes up in the hospital and discovers that she can’t remember the past 3 years of her life.

Lexi Smart is have a bad day.  Her loser boyfriend has stood her up again.  She’s going nowhere at work.  She’s having a bad girls night out with her friends.  Can this night get any worse?!  Well, surprisingly, no and yes.  Because the next thing she knows, Lexi wakes up in a fabulous hospital suite with an amazing job, tons of money, an expensive car and a millionaire husband who resembles a “Greek-god”.  Life can’t get any better.  But we have one slight problem: Lexi has retrograde amnesia.  She can’t remember the last three years of her life.  So what exactly happened to Lexi Smart?

I must say that I enjoyed the story.  It had a very interesting premise.  As I read Lexi’s story, I wondered what I would do if I were in her shoes.  Would I react in the same way?  Make the same choices? Different ones?  Eh, who knows?  But I liked reading about what Lexi did and how she cope with everything.  For the most part.  I liked Lexi period.  She’s kind, smart, funny, selfless, witty and a good friend.  And suddenly, she learns that she isn’t anymore.  Lexi’s made a lot of mistakes in her new life.  She tries to make things right.  She’s flawed, but still relatable and likable.  The shock, confusion, disappointment etc  that Lexi goes through is very believable.

Lexi’s love life was interesting here.  But the men in her life weren’t exactly fleshed out.  Of course, we find out her “perfect” husband Eric isn’t so perfect.  Neither is her new life.   Is he the right one for her?  Or is Jon, Eric’s architect buddy and Lexi’s possible lover?  Lexi’s horrified at the thought she’d cheat on anybody.  I wish Eric were fleshed out a little bit better.  He comes off as one-dimesional for the most part.  We never understand why–or if– Lexi fell for him in the first place.  And the same applies to Amy, Lexi’s teenage sister.  We’re never offered an explanation for Amy’s change in behavior.   The ending also felt a bit rushed.

All in all, it’s a good light read.  I enjoyed it, but I think “The Undomestic Goddess” was better.

Review for “Unfriended”

Review for “Unfriended”

Synopsis: A group of young friends are terrorized (online and in real-time) on the one year anniversary of their friend’s suicide.

What do you get when you mix horror, social media, bullying and sex-crazed teenagers?  You get “Unfriended”, a movie about the dangers of cyberbullying and betrayal.  It takes place entirely on the laptop of young teen, Blaire.  You see, Blaire’s best friend, Laura committed suicide because she received tons of nasty comments from posters telling her to kill herself because of an embarrassing video.  The movie takes place on the one year anniversary of her death.  It seems to be just another day for Blaire and her friends, except for an uninvited guest.  No matter what they say or do, they can’t get the annoying brat to leave!  The lurker claims to be the ghost of dead “friend” Laura. She’s not leaving until she gets what she came for.

This movie is sort of like the book, “Big Little Lies”.  It has a slow start, but once you’re ready to give up on it, that’s when it gets interesting.  And it stays that way until the last frame.  I really loved how the film was made.  I don’t think I’ve seen a film done like this before.  Of course they have many, many movies that featured the Internet and computers.  But this is the 1st one I’ve seen that has been done entirely on someone’s computer.  It feels so real, right down to the pixelation.  But that was a bit overdone.  It feels like a typical day at home on the computer. (I haven’t actually used Skype yet, but hopefully I will.)  That may seem like a recipe for boredom, but it’s anything but.

As the movie progresses, it gets more intense.  Secrets are exposed.  Lies are told.  There’s a ton of backstabbing going on.  You wonder how close these “friends” actually are.  On top of being a horror movie, it’s also a look into the modern way of bullying.  Now you can hide behind anonymous fake usernames and the web.  How tragic. It’s very sad to see, but also makes for an entertaining movie.

Despite the slow start and unlikable characters, I thought “Unfriended” was a fun, entertaining movie.  I give it a 8/10.