Review for “Life Happens”

Cast: Krysten Ritter as Kim, Kate Bosworth as Deena, Rachel Bilson as Laura, Geoff Stults as Nick

Synopsis: A hard-partying lady unexpectedly becomes a mom.

After a long night of partying, friends/roommates Kim and Deena each bring home a guy. They fight over the last condom they have in the house. Deena wins, and Kim loses. A year later, Kim is still living with Deena and their unconventional friend Laura. There’s one more roomie in the mix…..Kim’s new son Max.  After Max’s father bolts, Kim is left to raise Max on her own.  She is has help from her friends and grandfather, but mainly raises him on her own.   She deals with the frustration of watching her friends get ahead in life while she’s stuck in the mud…..

“L!fe Happens”  started out really well, but somewhere in the middle it just kinda fell flat.  I don’t know when exactly, but I felt like it could’ve been better.  It was kinda funny, but the jokes were scattered.  The main characters were unlikable, but also relatable in some ways.  Especially Kim. I know exactly how it feels when your friends get ahead in life and you seem stuck.  I know what it’s like to be ambitious and want love. But something was missing.  Maybe I need to watch it again….

Krysten Ritter did a good job playing Kim.  While I wasn’t necessarily fan of hers–Kim–I could relate to her a lot of the time.  She displayed Kim’s emotions really well, and she could be funny.  Kate Bosworth was also decent playing Kim’s best friend Deena.  I wish they used Rachel Bilson more.  She did a great job as the proud, sexy virgin—what an oxymoron.  But she was just sort of….there.  More of a plot device than an actual character, like the baby.

“Life Happens” was a comedy, but I didn’t laugh very much.  It feels more like a drama.  I have mixed feelings about this movie, but maybe you won’t.  It’s on Netflix streaming.  I’d give it a 4.5/10

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