Cast:  James Marsden as Chris, Wentworth Miller as Luke, Karl Urban as Vince, Matthias Schoenarts as Phillip, Eric Stonestreet as Marty

Synopsis: A murder mystery about 5 men who share a loft in which to have secret extramarital affairs.

A man walks into his loft, and finds a dead, naked woman there.  He calls his 4 best friends.  And together they investigate.  Who is this woman?  How did she get inside the loft?  They’re the only ones with keys to this mysterious loft, so at least one of them has to know what happened. Who else could?

Can you enjoy a movie with unlikable characters?  Of course you can.  That’s something I’m learning with every movie and TV show I watch.  But the trick is that they have to be relatable and/or sympathetic in some way.  None of these characters were. They were all jerks. They’re really dishonest and disloyal. Not only to their wives, but to each other as well. But Chris is the one who was close to being a decent person.  So that kinda took out a lot of the fun of watching the movie.  Plus, I hated how the female characters were used in the movie.  They weren’t really characters at all, just plot devices and accessories.  I guess that was the point.

The leads were all good at playing misogynistic jerks, but James Marsden’s performance was the best.  But morality aside,”The Loft” actually started off really well.  And I was intrigued by some of the twists and turns.  The feeling didn’t last long, however.  Somehow it just got sillier and sillier as the movie went on.   And by the end, you’re thinking, “Huh”?   The movie is based on one of the same name by the same director, Erik Van Looy.  Maybe that one is better.  Check it out if you’re interested.

This wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen, but it certainly wasn’t the best.  I give a 3.5 out of 10.  But you may feel differently.  You can stream it on Netflix.

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