Cast:  Jason Segel as Tom, Emily Blunt as Violet, Chris Pratt as Alex, Alison Brie as Suzie

Synopsis: A couple’s plans to marry keep getting thwarted.

Here’s the usual formula for the romantic comedy.  Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl don’t like one another.  Then they fall in love.  They break up, usually over something trivial.  Then they get back together, and live happily ever after.  But what happens after the “happily ever after”?  Nicholas Stroller directed a movie about just that.  It’s called “The Five Year Engagement”.  And it is a story about sous-chef Tom and post-doctorate psychology student Violet.  They meet a New Years’ Eve party, and fall in love.  A year later, Tom proposes.  But things don’t exactly go as planned.  This is just the first of many missteps for the San Francisco couple.  And so the movie rolls on….

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt are just adorable in this movie.  They come across as very believable in their parts.  Ugh, they’re just so cute!  Plus, it helps that Tom and Violet love each other.  You find yourself rooting for them to be together.  Often times, it felt like I was watching a real-life couple.  It was refreshing to see them go through issues we all can relate to, single or not.  From Violet getting her dream job to Tom giving up his.  Violet enjoying her new life in Michigan and Tom hating his.  Her happiness, his depression. They’re growing apart.  Are they gonna make it?  Let’s hope so.  It’s realistic….a bit too realistic.

The movie is really funny at first.  But it all starts to drag once the couple moves to Michigan.  Then it feels more like a drama.  The title is Five Year Engagement.  And it certainly feels that way after a while.  You’re thinking “Come on.  Are you getting married or what?  Just do it!”  I think it would’ve worked better if they shaved off at least 20 minutes. It does pick up steam towards the end, though.

The movie wasn’t bad, just uneven.  It was funny, but could’ve been funnier.  But the story was believable enough, and the performances of Segel and Blunt make it worthwhile.  I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

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