Cast: Will Smith as Nicky Sturgess, Margot Robbie as Jess

Synopsis:  A kinda love story about con artists…

“Never lose Focus…”.  That’s what Nicky says many times–in many ways–throughout its nearly two-hour runtime. But as we all know, that’s what can happen when you fall in love. Even if you’re the most brilliant con man ever. Just ask Nicky Sturgess. Despite his best efforts, his world changes when he meets Jess, a novice con artist who’s eager too learn the tricks of the trade. Together, these two are just incredible together.

It seems like this role was made for Will Smith. He’s such as natural in this, that it doesn’t even feel like he’s acting. Of course, if you’re going to play the world’s best con artist, you need to be charming. And Will Smith’s got charisma is droves. And so does his co-star Margot Robbie. She was incredible in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, playing a role of a woman you’re not supposed to care about. She added layers to that role and to this one. I think she’ll have a long career ahead of her. And Robbie and Smith are just electric in their scenes together. They are so believable as a couple. They’re both so smart and evenly matched. Oh, did I mention B.D. Wong? That scene between him, Jess and Nicky was a lot of fun to watch. B.D. Wong is incredible in his role, and I wish the role wasn’t so brief.

The scenery in “Focus” is just perfect.  You can thank Xavier Perez Grobet for that.  And writer/directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa made an engaging story.  It wasn’t boring at all.  It kinda lost its way towards the end, but quickly regained focus.  (Sorry,  I had to.)

You’re in for a treat with this one.  It’s fun, smart and entertaining.  Rent, buy or watch it On Demand.    I’d give it a 7.5/10.

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