Cast: A documentary about 10 couples–their loves, lives, sex, intimacy and everything in between.

I’ve decided to try something a little different this time.  I was looking for a new movie to review for the week.  And I stumbled across this adorable little docu called “Americans in Bed”.  I’ve always loved films like these, where you have real people talking about real stuff.  And the best part is it’s never boring, not for a second.  It kinda gives you hope that you will find your true love someday.

I loved how honest and comfortable these people were.  They must’ve really trusted the director, Phillipa Robertson.  I liked the different love stories–how they started and how they work out.   The first couple interviewed, Joey and Patty was probably my favorite.  Their banter was cute and natural.  It should be, they’ve been married for at least 12 years.  The argument between Randy and Julie was a bit too real.  But I guess that’s okay.  We are talking about real couples after all.  And real couples fight from time to time.  Helen and Red–the elderly couple–made me understand what most people want–someone to grow old and be happy with.  Linda & Margie called each other soulmates.  But I don’t know if you’re incomplete without someone.  You can be complete on your own.  It’s just about finding someone who will complement your madness.  I think they found that.

Of course, I didn’t like every couple.  There was a couple who started out as an affair, and he continued to cheat even after they were together.  Another man cheated on his wife, and she took him back.  Neither man seemed to feel any remorse.  But I still melted a bit when they were affectionate with each other.

All in all, this was good viewing.  Watch it on HBOGo.  If not, buy a copy of the DVD on Amazon.   8.5/10.

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