The latest mystery in HTGAWM revolves around the leader of the K5 pack: Annalise Keating. She’s such a complex character that you never know if you love her or hate her. So you end up doing both. But most of the people around her seemed to hate her. Next week, we finally find out the truth.  So who do you think shot Annalise?

Right now, your guess is as good as mine? But let’s go over the cast of characters and motives.

The Keating 5 (minus Asher): They don’t like Annalise very much. They blame her for everything that’s wrong in their lives, even though they’re the ones who killed Sam and burned and chopped up his body. They live constant fear of getting thrown in jail, but are afraid to leave Annalise. If she’s dead, they’re free. Plus, in the flash forwards, Wes had a gun in his hands. Could he have done it?

Bonnie: She was the weak, quiet mouse for most of the series. And Annalise down-talked her every chance she got. Then Annalise betrayed Bonnie by revealing her childhood sexual abuse to Asher in order to win a case. During their vicious fight, she told Annalise, “I want you to die”. I never thought Bonnie would think, let alone say, something like that to Annalise. Now she has a motive to kill (again).

Asher: In order to save Asher and her friend Jill, Annalise agreed to sell out Asher’s corrupt judge father. Then the C.J.F. disowned Asher, cutting him out of the will and his life. What if Asher finds out about it in the coming episodes? If he does, he has motive to kill. He certainly has reasons to get rid of Sinclair.

Nate: He had an affair with Annalise last season.  Then she framed him for Sam’s murder in order to protect her “kids”. He blames her for his wife Nia’s death as well.  There’s motive.

Sinclair:  The woman has been on a mission since we met her earlier this season.  It seems like she’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen–even kill.   Plus, we don’t what happened first.  Maybe Annalise got shot first and then she was thrown over the roof.  Who knows?

Frank:  Annalise was pretty hard on Frank this week.  He was really hurt.  Maybe she really bruised his male ego.  Plus that hospital scene still kinda bothers me.

Catherine:  Until today, I didn’t believe she had anything to do with her parents’ death.  Now it really looks like she did kill her parents.  And she doesn’t seem to trust Annalise and the K5.  Motive?

Caleb:  I think Catherine’s guilty right now, but Caleb’s not.  But with HTGAWM, who knows?

Annalise:  She is a master manipulator, the ultimate fixer.  She would do anything to protect her kids. She actually does care for them in her own way.  Would she go this far?

What do you think?  Theories?

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