Synopsis:  This is a documentary about young women trying to make it in the porn business…and the troubles that come with that.

Hey.  Ever wonder what happens in the porn industry?  This is a provocative, extremely interesting look into life of “professional amateurs or “Pro-Ams”.  Some of us are dreamers.  These girls certainly are.  But what happens when your dreams come true?  What happens when reality hits?  And what if you realize that your “dream life” isn’t at all what you thought it was?  Well, the young ladies in this marvelous documentary are about to find out.


The film follows 5 young women aged 18-21.  They are Rachel, Tressa, Jade, Karly and Michelle.  They’re brand new to the porn industry, living with their uncaring agent, Riley.  We see scenes of them working in the porn industry.  Photoshoots, sex scenes, sex toys galore.  But thankfully, it isn’t very graphic.  And there’s not a lot of nudity.  The docu focuses more on the girls themselves and the rollercoaster of emotions the young women go through.  I felt really sad for them a lot of the time.  Yes, they choose to be in porn.  But I strongly believe that they had no idea what they were getting into.  You would be disgusted if you saw what some people are actually into.  The statistics are pretty interesting.  Some of them aren’t so surprising, but most of them are.  The media clips in the beginning of the film are a nice touch.  Who stays, who goes?  The answers may surprise you.

I liked the girls so much, I was kinda sad that movie had to end.  But at the same, I’m glad it did.  The craziest part is that these are just normal girls trying to live the dream.  For the most part, Rachel, Tressa & co. want what most young people want–travel, money, excitement.  The movie focused a bit too much on Tressa, though.  I wish they spent more time on the others. And some of the content is pretty disturbing.   I think this movie could even keep young people from traveling down the wrong road.


I’d give “Hot Girls Wanted” a 8/10.  It’s on the streaming section of Netflix.

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