HTGAWM’s Midseason Finale: Craziness plus 100

There are no words to describe the mid-season finale of “How to Get Away with Murder”.  It was one of the best episodes I have ever seen on TV.  How are they going to top that?  After months of speculation, we finally found out who shot Annalise.  Here it is:

  1.  And to be honest, I was kinda disappointed to find out it was Wes who did it.  He was the killer last year.  I wanted it to be someone different, who you’d never suspect.  I would’ve preferred Laurel or Connor.  Or even Sinclair.  That would’ve been impossible though because she was already dead at this point.  I’d suspected that it would be one of the Keating 5.  What I didn’t expect was that Annalise would actually orchestrate her own shooting.  But then again, almost nothing Annalise did in this episode is typical of her.  The usually calm and composed lawyer is literally spinning out of control.  And I haven’t a slight clue how it’s going to play out in future episodes.

2.  Another shocking moment was the suicide of Asher’s father.  The last time we saw him, he had disowned Asher because he thought he was responsible for the potential end of his career.  Then we learn that someone leaked a news article about Papa Millstone’s misdeeds.  Of course, Asher was devastated by this.  And even more saddened by his father’s death.  To add more salt in this wound, it appears his mother has disowned him as well.  Part of me thinks that she didn’t really mean it.  She was just saying these things out of anger and grief.  Either way, she hurt Asher deeply.  And I felt very sorry for him.  Which is why I was glad that he killed Sinclair.  She said not so nice things about Papa Millstone.  The sickest thing about it was that she wasn’t lying.  He wasn’t a very good man.  But she picked a bad time to say those things, and she became roadkill.

3.  I must say I (almost) liked this new, take-charge Bonnie.  Is she still angry at Asher and Annalise?  Maybe so.  She was forced to put those things aside in order to help them.

4.  I honestly didn’t care much about the Hapstall in this episode.  It’s still unclear whether they killed their parents or not.  Or if Philip did it or helped.  But Catherine ran away after they found the gun in her studio.  That doesn’t look good.  But with this show, it could mean any number of things….


5.  While the Annalise mystery turned out to be a disappointment, the mystery about Wes and Annalise’s relationship made a surprising detour.  It turns out Wes’ real name is Christoph.  And Annalise has known him for most of–if not all of–his life.  The suicide of Wes’ mother may not have been a suicide.

6.  It’s still possible that Annalise is his birth mom.  Slim, but still possible.  But what if Annalise is the one who adopted Wes–or at least took care of him as a child at some point.  Or Wes is actually Sam’s child that he abandoned?   The new theory I have is that Annalise, Eve and Wes’ mom were all buddies.  And something tragic happened that night.  I still don’t peg Annalise as a killer, despite all the bad stuff she’s done.  But who knows?  I’m glad we get to see Eve again.  She’s always a joy to watch.


I don’t really see how the Keating 5 would want anything to do with Annalise anymore.  They should just turn themselves in.  Or drop out of school?  They turned a simple self-defense into a murder by disposing of Sam’s body.  How can they even stand to look at each other after everything? Will Annalise want revenge against Wes for shooting her?  The others for leaving her for dead?  Will they get revenge against her?  What about Annalise and Wes’ relationship? They have to be related.  Otherwise, it makes no sense that she would protect him so much.  What about Frank and Bonnie?  So many questions.  Surely, there will be answers to these questions and more next year.  I’m intrigued and impatiently waiting for episode 10 to happen.

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