Cast:  Frank Grillo as The Sergeant, Carmen Ejogo as Eva, Zoe Soul as Cali, Kiele Sanchez as Liz, Zach Gilford as Shane, Edwin Hodge as The Stranger


Synopsis:  The film takes place a year after the prequel, and a group of stranded strangers are forced to come together and fight again against the annual Purge.


Okay, the year is 2023.  It’s the 6th anniversary of the annual Purge.  It’s the one day a year you can commit any crime and actually get away with it. But there are no cops, no firefighters, no ambulance.  Pure mayhem all around.  Scary, right?  The crazy thing is crime rates overall have dropped significantly, the economy greatly improved and life seems better overall.  Except for this one night.  This film takes place exactly one year after its predecessor.  And it’s a crazier ride than the first.

All of the actors were convincing in their parts, but no person stood out in a big way.  At least not at first.  The best performance was  from Frank Grillo’s character, The Sergeant.  Out of every one of the characters, we know the least about him.  Who is he?  What’s his angle?  Does he even want to protect Cali, Eve and the others?  Who knows?   Next in line is the cameo-like performance of Michael K. Williams.  He was charismatic and scary as the  anti-Purge leader, Carmelo Jones. Wow. I liked the mother-daughter team, Eve and Cali.  They were played by Carmen Ejogo and Zoe Soul.  They seemed to be the voices of reason in the movie.  The young couple was good too.  I liked the dynamic of their story, and they both did a good job with their performances.


The action is constant in this movie.  You barely get a real chance to get to know the characters.  And that’s actually okay.  One of the best things about Anarchy is that it focuses on more than one group of people.  In the previous film, they only focused on one family.  We see how the Purge affected everyone from the very poor to the very rich.  And it seemed every group was affected in very different ways.  The script was very smartly written by James DeMonaco, who is also the director.  He created a smart, interesting and frightening movie worth a dozen rewatches.


“The Purge: Anarchy” is billed as a horror movie in some websites, and a sci-fi movie in others.  Usually, it’s billed as both. It’s morbid a lot of the time, but ultimately entertaining.  It’s like you see both people become animals and human, often at the same time.

I highly recommend “The Purge:Anarchy”.  It’s available on Google Play, Netflix and a host of other places.  If you are interested, watch the prequel as well.  I’d give it a 7.5/10.



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