Review for “Candy”

Review for “Candy”

Cast: Heath Ledger as Dan, Abbie Cornish as Candy, Geoffrey Rush as Casper

Synopsis:  A story about a couple that’s addicted to heroin and each other.


I’ve seen a few movies about drug addicts.  I’ve watched maybe hundreds of different love stories.  Usually those two movies genres don’t mix well together.  Scientists have said that love can be just as addictive as any drug.  But what happens when you’re addicted to both a drug and a lover.  I have no clue, but we do get a taste of this when watching “Candy”.  We also get another perspective.  Will “Candy” pass the test?  Let us find out….


Both Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish give two incredible performances in this movie.  They didn’t feel like people playing a part.  It felt like they were actually heroin addicts in love. Abbie Cornish was amazing in her part. She goes from innocent girl, to angry girl and everything in between.  And she does it well.  But Ledger did a slightly better job than Cornish. He played a character that you should hate.  (There’s one scene towards the beginning that I’m thinking of at the moment.)  You should hate Dan, but you don’t for some reason.  You actually adore him a lot of the time.  And you want him and Candy to succeed, i.e. get clean and live happily ever after.  Geoffrey Rush, who played friend/father figure professor Casper was also great in his role.  He could be pretty funny.  I wish that he was in the movie a bit more.


“Candy” is based off of the novel of the same name.  Both the script and book were written by Luke Davies.  I haven’t read the book, but I can say he did a wonderful job with the script.  You really got a feel of the life of an addict.  Neil Armfield did a fantastic job directing “Candy”.  I liked the concept he used in the film, dividing the movies into 3 parts.  But the movie was very depressing in the last part.  So much so, that I  almost stop watching.  But I’m glad I stuck with it.


This is no feel-good movie, especially not the last 30 minutes or so.  But it is a cautionary tale, and it’s one worth watching.  I recommend it, but be sure to watch a comedy afterwards.  I’d give it a 7 out of 10.  You can rent it on Netflix.


Review for “Training Day”

Review for “Training Day”

Cast: Denzel Washington as Alonzo Harris, Ethan Hawke as Jake Hoyt

Synopsis:  A seasoned detective takes a young rookie for a crazy ride as he trains him to be a narcotics detective.


What is a training day like?  I haven’t got the slightest clue, but I’m sure it’s nothing like what happens in this movie.  But maybe not?  From the moment Jake (Hawke) and Alonzo (Washington) meet, you know that it’s going to be an interesting ride.  Craziness will ensue.  How much craziness?  I won’t say just yet, but here’s my review.


Both Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington are incredible in “Training Day”.   But it’s Denzel Washington who is the star of the show.  Well, he is literally, LOL.  I think his performance was the best.  He’s created a crazy, unpredictable villain that sucks you in from the moment you meet him. Alonzo was scary, smart and more complicated than meets the eye.  No wonder he was nominated for an Oscar.  Ethan Hawke also did a great job as Jake Hoyt.  He learns a lot of hard, yet interesting lessons about life during his day with Alonzo. And it was interesting to see how Jake copes with things.  He’s probably thinking “What did I get myself into?”.  Even though I think Washington played the more interesting character, I can identify more with Jake’s character.  His character is much more relatable, but I guess that was the point.  We’re more likely to behave like Jake than Alonzo.  Their scenes together though are electric.  It’s hard to pick which one is best, but you’ll have plenty to choose from.


The film itself is very good, of course.  That’s because of an action-packed script written by David Ayers and solid direction by Antoine Fuqua.  There were many twists and turns, and it was hard to predict what would happen next.  I enjoyed it very much, but sometimes things were a little too confusing.  Maybe an extra viewing would help.


Action-packed, intense and it makes you think–a formula for a good time.  But as I said earlier, it was a bit too much at times.  But I do recommend this movie, and give it a 7.5 out of ten.  It is available on Google Play and Netflix.