HTGAWM: Is it really Philip?

As you all know, the Keating 5 has a stalker in their mist.  Someone who could easily take them down.  Send them to jail, which they deserve to be honest.  But is it Philip, like we and K5 believe.  Or is it someone completely different?  Here are some unusual suspects:


  1.  Kan– This theory is completely farfetched, and probably won’t happen.  But Laurel broke his heart, twice.  She cheated on him with Frank, and ultimately left him for Frank.  Kan is devastated.  He gets his chance for payback when the Hapstalls are tried for their family’s murders.  But Kan was always the nicest guy.  He actually wanted to help people, legally of course.  He’s over her now, and is probably dating someone who isn’t a killer.  Plus, karma is the best revenge of all.
  2. Maybe it’s Oliver. He’s definitely smart, and he’s obviously great with computers. And if he did this, then it means that he’s a better liar than any of the Keating crew.  He also has the nice guy thing going for him.   Plus, he has more access to the K5 than ever. This is the cynical part of me talking, but I think it’s really strange that they’re all buddies all of a sudden. Something about it just doesn’t seem right. Maybe it’s about the fact that they’re murderers.  Anyway, it would be an amazing twist.
  3. Caleb?  Could it be him?  He helped screw over his sister.  (Yuck.)  He’s free while Catherine is in jail for something she didn’t do.  He also has access to the K5 people, Michaela especially.  He could’ve easily hired someone to set up the cameras around the home.  Then again, they’re rich and those cameras were probably there already.  Plus, he lives close to the Keating house. He’s a little questionable, but who isn’t on this show? But he and Catherine are billionaires.  They don’t need the money. The Keating people have (mostly) been on his side.  He’s not my number-one suspect, but he’s beginning to look like a good possibility.
  4. I had a brief theory that Sam’s sister could be behind this. But that’s why Annalise framed Nate back in season 1, right? So she’d back off the ‘kids’?  Back off of her? Hannah seemed to accept that Nate did it, even though we all know that’s untrue. That her brother got justice. That once again, Annalise ruined another person. But what if she didn’t….
  5. Who could forget Rebecca’s foster brother, Eggs 911 aka Levi?  He has a few reasons for wanting to destroy the Keating 5.  Because of them, he served prison time for a crime he didn’t commit. But framing people isn’t something that’s unusual on this show.  He knows that Rebecca is dead, and someone in Annalise’s group is responsible.  He wants justice for his sister.   So why not stalk K5? Stalking leads him to the Hapstall mansion.  Something shady happened there.  He records them running out of the house.  He blackmails Annalise and the K5 so he can finally get answers.
  6. Or what if it really is Philip?  He lied about his birth parents.  Lied about knowing Catherine.  He and Catherine seemed to be close.  (Not in that way!  Ick!)  Plus, this isn’t the first time he’s stalked anyone. (Remember episode 2×07-8?)  We all know that he’s a genius with computers.  What if the simplest explanation is the best one?  Of course, there’s always the possibility that he is working with someone….

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