Secrets and lies are a huge part of “How to Get Away with Murder”.  Every single character has them, and it seemed destined to stay that way.  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case this week.  A lot of the dirty little secrets the Keating crew have been keeping from each other are finally starting to be exposed.  Let’s review some of them:


  1.  Frank and Laurel’s relationship is clearly done.  There is no way she will ever forgive him for what he’s done.  Lila’s death was what started this whole mess to begin with. (Actually, it’s the fact that Sam couldn’t keep it in his pants, but why be petty?)  Laurel knows that Frank killed her.  Now Bonnie does too.  But why did he do it?  We know he did it for Sam, but Laurel doesn’t. I was kinda annoyed because I thought we’d finally learn the truth this week.  But we didn’t.  But at least Bonnie knows the whole truth now.  We’ll probably find out next week.
  2. Wes and Annalise finally talked about the events from 10 years ago.  With the help of vodka, she discussed the Mahoney case and how she knew Wes’ mother.  Now Wes knows that he did not kill his mother, and she sacrificed herself to protect him.  I’m still a little confused to be honest.  One of the biggest reasons she protects him:  the older a-hole Mahoney is Wes’ birth father!  Wes is actually a product of rape!  This is horrible.  Wes wants more answers now, but I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.  I honestly wished Annalise didn’t disclose that info to Wes.
  3. What happened to Annalise’s baby?  Annalise was on her way to the police station when a car rammed into hers’.  Annalise survived, but the baby didn’t.  I didn’t cry, but it was a very sad scene to watch.  I felt sorry for Annalise and Sam.  And Eve.  Now I understand why Wes is so important to Annalise, and vice versa.  He’s a replacement for the son she lost, and Annalise is a surrogate for Wes’ own mother.  Whether he wants to think of her like that or not.
  4. Philip.  I am more confused by him than ever.  The struggle between him and Annalise was brief.  I guess if he wanted to hurt her, he would have.  What if he is a victim of all of this after all, not a killer?  There’s still a good possibility he is though.  He has done some questionable things.  He lied about his birth parents.  He lied about knowing Catherine.  He kidnapped Oliver.  This is the second time he’s broken into someone’s home.  Why was he in Wes’ apartment?  Why choose him?  His encounter with Annalise doesn’t help matters either.  I don’t know how to feel about this guy.
  5. Caleb.  He’s not a very interesting character, to be honest.  Which means he probably is the mastermind behind the Hapstall murders.  Or not.  That case just wasn’t as interesting as Lila’s case.  Hopefully, they’ll have a more interesting season-long case next season.
  6. Oliver.  He seems to be the only completely good person on the show.  But what if he is the mystery hacker?  He knows a lot more about whiny baby Connor’s secret life than we thought?  He quit his job last week.  That may not mean anything because people quit jobs all the time.  Is Oliver’s HIV has progressed more than we thought?  One of the threatening e-mails asked for a million dollars.  Caleb and Catherine are billionaires, so why would they need to ask for money?  But Philip and Oliver are not billionaires, so they would need that money.  Last year, it was a team effort.  Sam and Frank working together to keep Sam’s affair permanently secret.  I think something similar is going to happen this time as well.  Oliver may or may not be involved.
  7. Asher.  I assumed that he’d be like Frank.  Kill someone and move on quickly.  But thankfully, he does have a conscience after all.  He feels guilty for what he did, just like Wes does for what he did to Sam.  But of course, the Keating people won’t let him turn himself in.  Then they’ll all go to jail.
  8. Asher and Michaela?  Meh.  Apparently, it’s impossible for a man and a woman to just be friends unless one of them is gay.  Not true, by the way.
  9.   Laurel.  Did Laurel screw up by telling Annalise about Frank and Lila?  Well, maybe.  I think she (Annalise) would’ve found out eventually, like she said earlier in the episode.  She wasn’t completely wrong about Sam, but she was wrong about Frank.
  10. What happens now?  I’m afraid to find out, but I’m also looking forward to the finale.

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