Synopsis:  This is a tale about 2 women, married to the same man at the same time.


Eleanor wakes up to find her husband lying dead, right next to her.  That in itself is terrible, right?  But this is just the beginning of her problems.  In addition to her grief, she discovers that he left no money for her.  In fact, he left a sizable insurance policy for another woman named Claire.  It turns out he was married to her for 4 years.  That can’t be right.  He and Eleanor had been married for 38 years!  Oh, but it is right, unfortunately.  And this painful truth has ruined both of their lives.  How will each woman recover from this mountain of betrayal?  Let’s find out….

In this book, the main characters were Claire and Eleanor.  I thought both were incredibly smart, wonderful and nicely written.  The pain, shock and see-saw of emotions came across as very believable.  I think they responded the way anyone would in such a situation.  I found both of them–particularly Eleanor–to be kinda whiny at times, however.  But in a situation like theirs’, I guess a little whining and complaining is perfectly acceptable.  I like how they both eventually picked up the pieces.  They turned out to be incredibly strong women.  Of course, the husband Richard turned out to be a jerk.  (And his daughter with Eleanor?  What a bitch.)  I guess it takes a special kind of a-hole to juggle a career and two families and keep it secret for so long.  I did hate the Richard character most of the time, but I could see why each woman fell for him.  Narcs can be rather charming.  In the end, him dying was actually good for Eleanor and Claire.


Each woman stated repeatedly how sad, confused and heartbroken, etc. they were by Richard’s actions.  While I definitely sympathized with them, it did get a little too repetitive.  It was like, “Okay.  We get it.  Now what are you going to do about it?”  I feel kinda bad for saying that, but it was how I felt.  Maybe I should read it again?  I also felt like the book was a little too slow.  I was waiting for them to meet and eventually talk.  But I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a short book.  And what person wouldn’t ask themselves these questions over and over again in this type of situation?  They went thru something horrible.


All in all, I thought that “The Other Wife” was a decent read.  Kathleen Irene Paterka is a good writer.  Other than the above qualms, I did enjoy this book.  It was ultimately a story about fighting through adversity and believing in yourself.  I liked how the story ended for both Claire and Eleanor.  They were good women who deserved more than that piece of crap.  It was also a bit of a cautionary tale.   I give it a 6 out of 10.  You can find on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other such bookstores.






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