Cast:  Kate Siegel as Maddie, Michael Trucco as John, Emma Graves as Max, Samantha Sloyan as Sarah, John Gallagher, Jr. as Man

Synopsis:  A deaf writer is terrorized by a psychotic masked killer in her isolated cabin.


Wow.  Two Kate Siegels in a week!  The first Kate Siegel from last week’s review of “Mother, Can You Not?”.  Now this week, we spend time with another Kate Siegel in the new movie “Hush”.  And I happened to like both Kates. “Hush” takes  place entirely in and around Maddie’s cabin.  Initially, it’s a comfortable place.  It has everything that Maddie needs and wants, including her computer.  The portal to the world Of course, it does not stay that way for very long.  I should start watching more Netflix original series and movies.  Anyway, on to the review…

There are only 5 characters in this entire movie–2 main characters and 3 supporting ones. All of the characters did a great job in their roles.  But Kate Siegel was the star of the show, both literally and figuratively.  Hers is probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in a horror film.   Maddie was such a survivor.  She was tough, smart and fairly quick.  I’d like to see her in other parts in the future.  John Gallagher is the crazed killer.  He did a good job overall with his character, but he got kind of annoying towards the end.  I think the fact that we know practically nothing about him makes him even scarier.  He’s a psycho, and Maddie is his victim.  And that is all we know.  Maybe that’s all we need.


“Hush” takes on a premise that is kinda similar to the first “Purge” movie.  Both movies takes place completely inside of the person’s home.  It’s a pretty unique premise because there’s nowhere to run or hide.  This is what make work so well.  It’s a terrifying cat-and-mouse race that is entertaining to watch….for the most part.  Towards the end, it got a little infuriating though.  After a certain amount of time, you just want the killer to leave Maddie alone.

Despite a few minor problems, I really liked “Hush”. Mike Flanagan directed a thrilling, intense story of survival. It was a simple yet entertaining ride.  It is streaming on Netflix right now.  Go watch it, but not alone.  I’d give it a 8 out of 10.


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