Review for “Don’t Say a Word”

Synopsis:  Allie and Bitty Callahan deal more death and craziness in this third installment of the Strangers books.


It’s been more than six years since the events of Ugly Young Thing.  The young woman in the previous books is completely different now.  Allie is happier than she’s ever been in her life.  She’s been adopted by Bitty.  She has an adorable young son called Sammy.  And a great job to match.  Things can’t be any better for her.  But it all starts to change when Bitty’s new foster children, Zoe and Carrie Parish come to live with them.  The peaceful life Allie loves is about to be shattered.

As expected, the addition to the Stranger series was a thrill-ride from start to finish. I liked Allie a lot in this book. She’s grown into such a strong, caring, amazing woman. I liked that Jennifer Jaynes written her with the right amount of toughness and vulnerability. I also liked how the fact that wrote the book from the kids’ points-of-view. Bitty was incredible too.

“Don’t Say a Word” was written in a similar fashion to the previous two books. image

But she shook things up a little bit this time. There were some surprises here that you definitely won’t expect. You won’t believe whodunit this time. Then maybe you would? Or you won’t. This was a very intense book. One of the things I liked best about it?

Apart from a couple of minor disappointments, I enjoyed reading “Don’t Say a Word”. It’s more of a psychological thriller than a murder mystery. It works really well, and I hated that it had to end. I give it a 8.5 out of 10. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other bookstores.

Review for “Captain America: Civil War”

Synopsis:  Tensions rise between the Avengers when their good actions cause collateral damage.

The Avengers are back and better than ever.  This time, they have some new friends/members and a big new problem.  In attempting to save the world, they’ve also caused a lot of death and destruction.  The government no longer wants the Avengers to be a private organization.  This doesn’t bode well with Captain America, but surprisingly, it does with Iron Man.  Quickly, sides are picked and the war between the superheroes begins.  Whose side are you on?

I loved all of the superheroes.  They were nothing less than incredible.  Of course, the Black Widow is my absolute favorite out of all the Avengers.  Her stunts are absolutely enviable.  Out of the new ones, I guess I’d pick Falcon, Ant-Man and Spider-Man.  In terms of acting, the performances were all very good.  Everyone was convincing in the parts.  They were all very smart, witty and human. But no one really stood out.


The movie was directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo.  I never heard of this team prior to Civil war, but they did a very good job.  They put together a fantastic movie with great actors and even better action sequences.  There’s one such scene that happens in an empty airport.  It’s easily one of the best action fight sequences I’ve ever seen.

The whole ‘superheroes-beating-each-other-up thing? It was very odd to watch. Demo, the bad guy, was a little too good.  Too invisible.I guess in a way, the real villains were the superheroes’ own egos.  Mm.  Maybe I need to watch it again?

All in all,  “Captain America: Civil War” was a fun movie to watch. It wasn’t too predictable.  Good characters, good action sequences, good story. All in all, a fun ride. I give it a 8 out of 10. Watch it at your local theater.


Random TV Talk: Cancelled Shows that Probably Shouldn’t Be

Random TV Talk: Cancelled Shows that Probably Shouldn’t Be

It’s kind of sad when you’re flipping through channels–or, in my case, surfing the Web–to find that your favorite TV shows are no longer on the air.  Then you feel like   Sure, there’s fanfiction.  Fan fiction is great, but it doesn’t quite fill the hole.  These are in no particular order:

  1.  Wicked City:  Ah, Wicked City.  Why did they pull the plug on you?  It was cancelled after the 3rd episode.  Which was completely unfair, because it was just starting to get interesting.  There were originally 13 episodes, but it was shortened to 8 because of the low ratings.  I wonder what was supposed to happen in the show originally….
  2. Veronica Mars:  I loved this show when I was a kid.  Smart, spunky heroine.  Tons of mystery and suspense.  Great supporting characters.  Why, oh, why did it get cancelled?!  It should’ve gone on for at least 2 more seasons.  But there’s a movie…
  3. Lipstick Jungle:  I’ve been watching on Netflix for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love(d) it.  It sucks that it was canceled after only 2 seasons.  I wish it would at least had another season.  That way, everything would been wrapped up nicely, instead of abruptly.  I enjoyed watching the friendship between Nico, Victory and Wendy.  I enjoyed the relationships, period.  It was a million times better than the book.
  4. Tell Me you Love Me: This HBO show was honestly a bit depressing, but also entertaining in a weird way.  (Then again, I’m weird….)  I wanted there to be a 2nd season so bad.  I thought it was a thought-provoking show.  Very original.  Oh well….
  5. Smash.  Lights, camera, musicals!  Amazing singers!  This wonderful, brilliant NBC program was cancelled after only two seasons.  I don’t know why.  It is so entertaining!  But I’m still on the first season, so maybe I’m speaking too soon….
  6. Kitchen Confidential.  This TV show about a down-and-out chef that tries to climb his way back to the top?  It was good.  No, better.  It was laugh-out-loud hilarious.  Either way, it should’ve never been canceled.  Especially not after four episodes.  But I’m conflicted.  If Kitchen had survived, we may never had “The Hangover”, “Limitless” or “The Silver Linings Playbook”.  So I’m conflicted….