Review for “Captain America: Civil War”

Synopsis:  Tensions rise between the Avengers when their good actions cause collateral damage.

The Avengers are back and better than ever.  This time, they have some new friends/members and a big new problem.  In attempting to save the world, they’ve also caused a lot of death and destruction.  The government no longer wants the Avengers to be a private organization.  This doesn’t bode well with Captain America, but surprisingly, it does with Iron Man.  Quickly, sides are picked and the war between the superheroes begins.  Whose side are you on?

I loved all of the superheroes.  They were nothing less than incredible.  Of course, the Black Widow is my absolute favorite out of all the Avengers.  Her stunts are absolutely enviable.  Out of the new ones, I guess I’d pick Falcon, Ant-Man and Spider-Man.  In terms of acting, the performances were all very good.  Everyone was convincing in the parts.  They were all very smart, witty and human. But no one really stood out.


The movie was directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo.  I never heard of this team prior to Civil war, but they did a very good job.  They put together a fantastic movie with great actors and even better action sequences.  There’s one such scene that happens in an empty airport.  It’s easily one of the best action fight sequences I’ve ever seen.

The whole ‘superheroes-beating-each-other-up thing? It was very odd to watch. Demo, the bad guy, was a little too good.  Too invisible.I guess in a way, the real villains were the superheroes’ own egos.  Mm.  Maybe I need to watch it again?

All in all,  “Captain America: Civil War” was a fun movie to watch. It wasn’t too predictable.  Good characters, good action sequences, good story. All in all, a fun ride. I give it a 8 out of 10. Watch it at your local theater.


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