Review for “Purge: Election Day”

 Cast:  Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes

Elizabeth Mitchell as Senator Charlie Roan 

Mykelti Williamson as Joe

 Betty Gabriel as Laney 

Joseph Julian Soria as Marcos

Synopsis:  Presidential candidate Charlie Roan wants to go against the NFFA.

Years before the events of this movie, Charlie Roan’s family was killed during the annual Purge.  She was the sole survivor.  Ever since then, she’s made it her mission to put a stop to the carnage that happens every year on March 22. That’s one of her main reasons for running for president in the 2025 election.  (Shouldn’t it be 2024, though?)  But the current head of the New Founding Fathers to continue the deadly tradition.  Which is why they create a new rule:  nobody is safe, not even them.  With that, they seek to stop Roan permanently.  And it’s up to the head of security Leo Barnes to protect her.

  All of the actors did a good job bringing the story to life.  For the most part, they came across as  human and realistic.  But Leo(played by Frank Grillo) was a little too robotic this time.  Still badass and watchable.  I guess I can let that go.  I really liked Elizabeth Mitchell’s portrayal of the smart, idealistic senator. I could easily see her being a great leader. Betty Gabriel did a decent job as reformed Purger turned medic Laney. I liked how both women were tough, strong and non-stereotypical in their own ways.  You wanted them to succeed.  I think I liked Joe the best.  He was very funny and likeable.  And also stubborn.

James DeManco wrote and directed the entire series thus far, including Election Day.  I think he did a fantastic job with the story. I liked how people actually showed remorse for their crimes this time, despite it being legal.  One example is Laney speaking about a couple whose lives they saved during the Purge.  Some of our main characters have some secrets too.  The movie also looked amazing and haunting, thanks to cinematographer Jacques Joffret.  The movie was hardly predictable.

Some of the material proved to be a bit gruesome, however. Plus, there aren’t as many twists and turns this time around.  But more than plenty to keep things interesting.  There were a few questions floating thru my mind.  What would happen if the Purge stopped?  The annual event has a lot of benefits, but also a lot of horrible consequences too. And it really brings out the ugly in people. 

I guess those are questions for the next Purge movie.  Maybe?  Well, if this is the last part of the series, then ended on a solid note.  Despite some hiccups, I recommend it.  I’d give it a 7 out of 10.  It’s in theaters now.