Review for “Bad Moms”

Review for “Bad Moms”

Cast: Mila Kunis as Amy Mitchell Kristen Bell as Kiki

Kathryn Hahn as Carla

Christina Applegate as Gwen

Jada Pinkett Smith as Stacy

Annie Mumulo as Vicky

Being the perfect mom? Is there such a thing? That’s a losing game, and Amy Mitchell knows it.  And she’s tired of playing it.  So are Kiki and Carla.  The crazy, kooky adventures in “Bad Moms” begins.


Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell were all incredible in this movie.  Their characters were funny and believable.  You could tell that they were having a ton of fun while making this movie.  I guess they all drew from some of their real-life experiences as moms.  Christina Applegate was also very good as the queen-bee, mean type.  I’ve never seen her in this type of role before.  She was hilarious.  I do feel that Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo were a little underused, however.  They were both enjoyable in the movie as well.


Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore made a light, fun and entertaining movie here.  It’s something that many women will surely relate to.  I’m not a mother (not yet anyway), but “Bad Moms” kinda made me appreciate my own mom and grandma more.  It also reminded people that you have to let your children take care of themselves, at least occasionally.  It’s okay to have fun every once in a while.  One issue I had with the movie were the dads.  I didn’t really expect the fathers to get a lot of attention, but they were basically stereotypes.  The Lazy Dad, the Cheater (the same guy), the Overbearing Dad that Expects you do everything, Hot Dad etc.

Despite some hiccups, I’d say that I liked “Bad Moms”.  It’s a funny, sweet and relatable movie.  It’s in a similar realm to “Bridesmaids”.  I recommend it and give it a 7 out 0f 10.  It is playing in movie theaters now.