HTGAWM: The Survivors

HTGAWM: The Survivors

Who do you think will survive the madness coming in season 3 of “How to Get Away with Murder”?  Obviously, Annalise will.  But who else?

I love the new formula they’re using this season, but I also hate it.  LOL.



HTGAWM:  Third season predictions

Six months is too long!

The wait is almost over, though.  On September 22, Annalise and company will be back with more craziness.  I’ve watched the promo at least 30 times by now.  It kept saying:  Not everyone will make it out alive.  Ever since the first viewing of the promo, I’ve wondered who that person might be.  Or if it’s just another mind trick.  Here are some thoughts on the subject….

  1.  As always, Annalise is the only one who’s completely safe.  No Annalise, no show.
  2. That scream.  Horrible, blood-curdling scream.  Annalise hasn’t made a sound like that since she found Sam dead in their house.  So the victim is definitely someone she cares about.  That pretty much rules out the Keating 5–except for Wes.
  3. Nate is a really nice guy, he is.  But he’s just not that interesting.  We don’t know much about him.  He is very important to Annalise.  He’s virtually nonexistent in the promo pictures and videos.  It makes you wonder if that happened for a reason….
  4. Wes is probably the most important person to Annalise.  I know a lot of people dislike Wes, but I don’t.  I think he’s a great character.  He and Annalise are basically surrogates for each other–she’s like his mom, and Wes is like her son.  Losing him would definitely hurt her and the show.
  5. Ever since she found out about Frank’s betrayals, Annalise has wanted Frank’s head on a stick.  But she and Frank still care about each other.  She’d still react strongly if something happen to him, right?  Maybe.  Or maybe it would cause an Oscar-worthy fake scream….
  6. If Wes is Annalise’s surrogate son, than Bonnie is Annalise’s surrogate daughter.  Despite their very rocky relationship, I do believe that they genuinely love each other.  It would certainly warrant a heart-wrenching scream.  But I think the chances of it being Bonnie are really low.  I think Bonnie will be the one who be Annalise’s rock during this tough time in her life.
  7. The chances of it being Eve are even lower.  It’s still a possibility, though.  I don’t want it to be her.
  8. The rest of the Keating 5?  See number 2.
  9. The house?
  10. Maybe another mind trick? You know how this show is, LOL.