Yes, I’m talking about the Keating Five.

Annalise isn’t a nice person.  She isn’t necessarily a good person.  But she’s always been honest about that.  She never pretends to be something she’s not.  Despite constantly switching between love and hate for her, I’ve always found that admirable.

Unlike these twits who seem intent on blaming her for every little thing, whether it’s her fault or not.  For instance, Michaela.  Nobody told her to screw Caleb or fall in love with him.  Those were her choices.  Vulnerable about Aiden?  How? She didn’t even love him!  All she wanted was to be a trophy wife, part of a power couple.  She was using him, and he was using her.  There was no real love there.  Not for each other, anyway.
Or what about Connor?  Out of all the ridiculous things he said, the most was that Annalise ‘kept us from going to the cops’.  Shouldn’t he be blaming Laurel for that?  She’s the one who manipulated Wes and Annalise that night.  Used them as her puppets.  How long has it been since Sam’s murder?  A year?  That means they had countless opportunities to go to the cops and confess.  How many times have the Keating 5 sat in police chairs and lied?  They could have told the truth right then and there.  During the first murder night, there was a security guard (?) in front of the house. Sam’s body was technically still inside.  All any of them had to do that night was calm down, call 911 and tell them what really happened.  It was a simple, open-and-shut case of self-defense.  They all made it worse.

Even when Annalise tried to help, still didn’t listen.  Well, to Wes thru Annalise.

Same with Asher.  Sinclair wasn’t wrong about Judge Millstone.  He was a bad man. An innocent man spend 21 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  Another woman will never get justice because her attackers happened to be friends with Asher.  She didn’t pick the best time to say it, but it was true.

No matter what, in their eyes, they are wounded birds and Annalise is the cold, vile bitch who’s ruining all of their lives *sarcasm*.

They should be kissing her big rings.  They’d be in orange jumpsuits if it weren’t for her.  She’s risking everything to save her ‘children’s’ spoiled, ungrateful butts.  Her career, her reputation, her health, sanity etc. They should be grateful, but they treat her like a villain instead! They should just grow up and learn some responsibility. They’re the ones who ruined their lives, not her.


But then we wouldn’t have a show to watch, would we?  Okay, rant over.