Synopsis:  This is a story about a rock-star’s daughter and her turbulent life.

Author: Nora Roberts

Living in a glass house?  Life in the fish-bowl?  That would be pretty suffocating, wouldn’t it?  Ask Emma McAvoy, daughter of Brian McAvoy, the lead singer of Devastation.  Every move is watched by the paparazzi, the gossip magazines and the public.  But few people know the true Emma.  The ‘inside story’ that made her who and what she is.  It’s an interesting ride.  So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Emma was certainly one of the best characters I’ve ever read.  She’s intelligent, strong and certainly a survivor. She’s never had an easy life. Brian rescued Emma from her abusive mother. He gave her a better life, but tragedy seems to follow Emma just when life starts to go well for her.  Emma goes thru a number of sad occasions in her life–abuse, death of loved ones, many different homes, a destructive marriage, constant nightmares etc.  Whoa! Emma has gone thru a lot. And I feel a lot of sympathy for her. She handles all of this very well.  Adding the ‘celebrity’ angle was a very interesting touch, making a good story even better.  There were many times where I thought, “Please.  She’s been thru enough.  Stop it!”  The character of Emma was very well-written.  So were the people who were her support system.  The characters–Brian, Bev, Johnno, P.M., Stevie, Michael, and even little Darren–were all fleshed out and felt like real people.  The villains were also well-written and creepy.   But of course, the best character was Emma herself because this was her story.

The story takes place in many different places over a 20-year period.  Sometimes, I hate it when a book, movie or TV show is too long.  Because then you’ve lost interest, and have a rather uncomfortable pillow.  In this case, however, the length was perfect.  I would be hard to tell the story in 200-300 pages.  It was like looking into someone’s else life.  No. Better.  It was like being a part of several people’s lives.  You never feel bored for a second.  Certain characters, you grow to like more and more with each turn of the page.  Nora Roberts did a fantastic job here.  But the novel tends to get a little too dark and depressing sometimes.  For a second, you wanna stop reading.  You can’t however.  You have to know what happens next.

“Public Secrets” was published in 1990.  But the stories are relevant for any time period.  It goes into dark, saddening territory sometimes.  It can be hard to read.  But if you’re fine with that, you may like this book.  Ultimately, almost everyone gets what they deserve in the end–good and bad.  I highly recommend this book, and give it a 8 out of 10.  You can find it at, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.  Contains graphic material.