HTGAWM: Who is the Killer?

A Tale of Two Endings

There are these two movies.  One is called “500 Days of Summer”.  The other is called “La La Land”.  Two different movies with one thing in common. Neither of the main couples wind up together in the end.  It worked in one case, but not in the other.

First, let’s talk about “500 days of Summer”.




It’s about a man whose name is Tom and a woman, Summer.  Tom and Summer had completely different views on love and life.  Tom was a true believer in love, while Summer wasn’t.  Later, in the film those views were reversed.  I think the relationship helped them both grow as people, but it wasn’t right.  They would never work out as a couple and we knew this before the opening credits. In order for a relationship (whether friendship, familial, romantic, etc.) to work, there has to be some common ground.  There wasn’t enough of that with Summer and Tom.  The movie couldn’t have ended any other way.


Then there is “La La Land”, which was  one of the critical darlings of 2016.

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It focuses on the love story and ambitions between jazz-obsessed Sebastian and aspiring actress Mia.  What begins as mutual dislike eventually turns into love. Anyways, it felt like two of them were supposed to come together.  I don’t think either of their dreams would’ve come true if they weren’t in each other’s lives.

I know that most people these days prefer the more modern ending.  You know, the one where the couple’s relationship in films doesn’t work out.  Why?  Because that’s what happens in most relationships, right?  Sometimes, that particular ending fits.  You like the main couple, but later realize they weren’t good for each other.  In the case of “La La Land”, however, it probably would’ve been better if they stayed together. The impression I got from the ending was that they could’ve made it work if they wanted to.  But ultimately they–or just Mia–chose career and ambition over love. That’s pretty depressing. Going the nontraditional route could’ve worked too.  They could’ve cut out the whole love story element and have them just be friends.  They could’ve had neither of them fulfill their dreams, but stay together.  This is probably the most likely scenario in real life.

Maybe I’m overthinking things, like usual.  These were just some random thoughts.  Okay, rant over.