HTGAWM: Let’s Talk about Meggy

I am still upset that Wes is gone.  I’ll never agree with the decision to kill him off.  I actually want it revealed that he faked his death after all.  But since that isn’t gonna happen likely, let’s focus on the murder suspects.  There are so many of them.  Everyone except Annalise is a suspect.  Including Meggy….

Meggy was Wes’ girlfriend during the first few episodes in season 3a.She actually seemed like a sweet girl.  The perfect distraction from all the Keating 5 madness.  You were even willing to overlook some warning signs.  For example, stealing driver’s licenses and going through people’s phones.  But you kinda liked her.  But Wes didn’t.  He left her for two reasons.  Firstly, he realized that he’d never be able to have a normal life with her.  Second of all, he’d fallen in love with Laurel.  Having her around for the first part of the season made sense.

But it doesn’t make sense to have her around now.  Wes left her to be with someone else.  She was no longer a part of his life.  The only reasons left?  Either she is involved in Wes’ death in some way.  Or they’re just screwing with us again.

Meggy does have motive to kill Wes.  This is a man who broke her heart.  He lied to her about everything.  He left her to be with someone else.  And she sorta liked Laurel too.

In the mind of a psycho, it’s a perfect reason to kill.  But since so many people are beginning to suspect her, it’s unlikely that she’s the killer.
But it’s a little too soon to jump to cross her off the suspect list.