Random Theories for Big Little Lies

Random Theories for Big Little Lies

“Big Little Lies” is highly addictive.  The book is probably one of the best I’ve ever read, and the show is amazing.  Great cast, great characters, good mystery etc.  That being said, I have some random theories about BLL.


  1. I don’t think that Ziggy hurt Amabella.  He seems to be a very kind, loving and friendly little boy.  None of the evidence so far suggests that Ziggy would even consider doing anything like this.  Plus, Ziggy is the only one being accused.  Usually, in that case, it means that the person is innocent.  Even though there is a slim possibility, I doubt Ziggy hurt anyone.  I think the opposite is true–he’s being bullied too.

2.  Celeste.  In the novel, I thought Celeste was the best character.  She was a little more multidimensional than the others.  She’s great here too.  I feel so scared for her in every scene she has with Perry.  That man makes my skin crawl. The therapy sessions are also creepy, but well-acted.  Especially the first and last ones.  I really hope she leaves him before the series is over.  As far as the mystery goes, she could be on either side of it.  But I doubt it.

3.  Jane.  On the show, Jane is probably the character I sympathize with the most. Seeing her struggle with PTSD?  Those scenes are certainly relatable because I’ve dealt with that too.  For different reasons.  The way it’s portrayed in the show is very realistic.  I really hope that Ziggy is innocent because I don’t think Jane could deal with it.  I’m rooting for her.  It’s possible that she killed the victim in self-defense and she could be the victim.

4.  Madeline.  I actually like Madeline a lot.  She’s the type of person who fights for what and who she believes in.  She’s cute and funny.  She is a really good friend to Jane and Celeste.  A great mother.  She has so many likable qualities to her.  You’re almost willing to overlook the fact that she’s having an affair.  Or that she’s in a petty war with Renata.  Ed is an entertaining guy.  In the book, he and Madeline were happily married.  Why does there always have to be cheating?  Happy relationships can be fun too.  I don’t believe she is the victim or the killer.

5.  Speaking of Ed, something is a little off.  The comments he makes about other women.  Taking pictures of them without their knowledge.  People have always commented on the looks that he gave Abigail.  Was it desire? Attraction?  Or did the look mean nothing?  Body language is weird and diffucult to interpret.  Maybe the writers just want Ed to be a viable suspect in the upcoming murder.  Or victim?  Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about Ed.  Is he just a nice guy who is just really weird?  Or is a huge pervert? Kiler? No.  Victim? Possibly.

5.  Renata & Gordon.  Their relationship seems to be the healthiest on the show.  They’re both very angry and frustrated over Amabella being bullied.  While I understand how Renata feels, I think she’s taking it too far.  With each episode, the chances of Ziggy being the bully grow smaller and smaller.  Amabella is terrified of her tormentor.  This is about Amabella, not Madeline.  And I think the feud between them is ridiculous.  Entertaining but ridiculous.  I think Gordon’s approach is better and more rational.

6. If I’m dealing with a jerk, I’d rather deal with one like Nathan.  He knows he’s being an ass and isn’t hiding it.  I hate how he isn’t taking Madeline’s concerns about Abigail seriously.  I kinda that’s why Abigail moved in with him and Bonnie.  He lets her do whatever she wants, probably out of guilt for abandoning her and Maddie. Both father and daughter are annoying.

7.  Perry is a jerk times 100.  I cringe every time he’s on the screen.  He’s a monster and he’s never going to change.  Celeste has a strong case of Stockholm Syndrome.  People say that Perry hates himself for hurting his wife, that he feels guilty.  I honestly don’t care if he does.  He’s a horrible person.  I think the whole point of that first therapy session was to trick Celeste into staying with him and he succeeded.  He blames her for her own abuse.  He knows what he’s doing and he doesn’t care.  Plus, he turns their own kids against Celeste.  I think if Celeste stays any longer, Perry is going to kill her.

8. Chloe.  In a lot of ways, she’s a pint-sized version of her mom.  I like how the writers fleshed out the child characters as well.  (Most of them.  We still don’t know much about the twins.).  She seems so smart and intuitive and funny.  I like her.  I hope she isn’t the bully.


Now I have to reread the book for potential clues.  This mystery just gets better and better.