“The Sinner” Theories

the-sinner-ban1What gets you out of a slump?  One of the things is a new show.  An amazing new show called “The Sinner”.  In it, Cora Tannetti (played by Jessica Biel) is a seemingly normal woman who commits a very abnormal and brutal murder in full view of dozens of people.  What made her snap? Cora’s loved ones are shocked, and so is Cora. Nothing in her history would suggest she would do such a thing.  But then again, we don’t know a lot of her history, do we?

As time goes on, we learn some things about Cora.  One of them is that she is a habitual liar, which makes her unreliable.  It’s so hard to figure things out.  At the end of each episode, we’re left with more questions than answers.  It seems like anything could happen.  And that’s what makes it so thrilling.

Here are some of my thoughts…..

  1.  Maddie.  The victim’s girlfriend looked a lot like her.  It’s possible that Maddie was attacked in the past, and Cora saved her.  In the moments building up to the stabbing, Cora mistakes the couple’s normal affection for assault.  Then that song comes on.  So she protects the girlfriend the way she (possibly) protected Maddie all those years ago.  Maybe the beach incident wasn’t the first time she’s killed…..
  2. Frankie, the victim.  Despite what we initially believe, Cora did know Frankie. It’s one of the many lies she’s told.    Maybe Frankie did something to hurt her in the past.  Seeing him again triggered all of the bad memories, and Cora acted accordingly.
  3. Mommie Not-so-Dearest.   Cora did not have a happy childhood.  She was abused by her mother and possibly her father. Her mother belongs in an insane asylum.  Clearly, Cora is still haunted by her mother and the abuse.  I completely understood why she lied about her parents.  I would too. Is Mommie Not-so-Dearest behind the repressed memories of Cora’s?  Was Frankie just a convenient target for the rage she felt towards her mother?
  4. What about Mason?  Cora’s husband seems like a great guy who really loves her.  But then we see him with the cop.  We learn that they had sex at one point.  Did it happen while he was married to Cora?  Did he ever hurt her?  Is he just pulling off a brilliant “Man of the Year” act when he’s really an abuser?  Or is he as innocent as he seems?  Who knows……
  5.   J.D.  From what we’ve seen, J.D. is a dirtbag acquaintance from Cora’s past.  He was there with her and Maddie in the bar that night.  And the three of them were together at the house.  What happened in that house?  Right now, J.D. seems like the most viable suspect.  But it’s usually not that simple…..
  6.  Cora Doesn’t Wanna Go Home.  Detective Ambrose really seems to care about Cora.  This is a cut-and-dry case.  Most detectives would stop there, but not Ambrose.  He really wants to help Cora win this case and go home.  But why? And why doesn’t Cora want to see her family again?
  7. The Man in the Mask.  Towards the end of episode three, we meet a man in a big, creepy mask.  From the looks of it, he has dark eyes.  I think he’s one of Cora’s tormentors.  But who is he?  For some reason, Mason popped up in my head.  Then Frankie.  But it could be neither or either of them.
  8. That Song!  Something awful happened to Cora.  That song was playing in the background.  Frankie looked familiar to Cora on the beach.  Then the song plays, and it triggered the memory of the attack.  Which led Cora to kill Frankie, a possible source of her pain.


The Sinner - Season 1


But these are just thoughts.  What do you think?


We’ll find out over the next few weeks…….

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