HTGAWM: Thoughts on the Season Opener

These are just some notes about the start of season 4.  It wasn’t exactly great, to be honest.  But there were some interesting moments……

1.  The scene be Annalise and Desmond is pretty cute. There was nice chemistry, as there should be.   I liked Desmond, who was played Viola Davis’ real-life husband, Julius Tennon.  But I don’t expect Desmond to be around for long.  

2.  How can Laurel keep a straight face around her father?  The man is diabolical! How could he do that to his own child? Plus, how does she know that he’s involved in Wes’ murder?!  That was quite a shock!

3.  Those Keating brats were so annoying!  Ever since Sam died, they’ve been begging and pleading to be free of her.  Even if the opposite is actually true.  Her life would be (slightly) better if she hadn’t let these kids into her life.  Or if they actually did what she did what she said.   Well, anyways.  I don’t get why they were so upset.  They should’ve been happy.  Well, Connor was.  I guess nothing Annalise does will ever be good enough for those spoiled, entitled brats.

4.  I was surprised when she fired Bonnie, though.  But then again, look what happened in season 3B.  There were moments where I actually thought she wanted Annalise to stay in jail.

5.  I was even more surprised when Bonnie went for an interview with Annalise’s enemy, D.A. John Denver.  You know how much Annalise means to Bonnie.

6.  The void Wes left was very much there.  It just doesn’t feel the same without him.  Watching this week’s episode just made me miss him more.  ūüėü
Maybe the season will get better……

“The Sinner”: Finally Some Answers

It’s been one mind-bending puzzle after the next for the past few weeks. ¬†Now we finally have answers to some of the questions eating away at us. ¬†And a few unexpected twists. ¬†Cora finally starts to remember what happened on that horrible night.


  1. ¬†It was Phoebe’s birthday. ¬†The birthday girl begged her older sister to take her out. ¬†Like always, Cora obliged. ¬†Phoebe finally got to experience things for herself instead of living vicariously through Cora.
  2. J.D.’s an asshole, but you knew that already. ¬†Didn’t you?
  3. God, Maddie is/was so weak! ¬†That’s how J.D. likes his women. ¬†Gag!
  4. Frankie isn’t the man in the mask, like I suspected earlier. ¬†It wouldn’t make sense for him to be. ¬†Both Phoebe and Cora saw him earlier that night. ¬†It would make no sense for him to wear a mask. He seemed to actually be a good guy. ¬†Phoebe gave her virginity to him that night. ¬†It was one of the last things she did. ¬†She likely died from a combination of a weak heart, lymphoma, drugs and alcohol. ¬†Maybe her body couldn’t take it.
  5. Frankie still felt guilty for what happened to Phoebe all those years ago. ¬†He recognized Cora because she was in the room with him. ¬†Plus, he clearly knew that Cora and Phoebe were sisters. ¬†So he let her kill him because he couldn’t handle the guilt anymore.
  6. Maddie and Phoebe are not the same person. ¬†Well, not in actuality. ¬†But somehow, Cora replaced Phoebe with Maddie in her mind to make her memories less painful. ¬†She either repressed her memories to the nth degree…..
  7. …..or someone wanted to make sure that she couldn’t remember what happened that night. ¬†Possibly a doctor in a creepy mask. ¬†They pumped Cora full of memory-erasing drugs and held her captive. ¬†They had to make sure she would forget. ¬†We still don’t know who the other players are. ¬†Clearly, J.D. was one of them.
  8. Cora isn’t a pathological liar, like earlier suspected. ¬†She is an unreliable narrator because her memories are. ¬†She remember things in pieces. Things that happened but not to her. ¬†The story of her being run over by a car and losing her baby, for example. ¬†It happened, but to Maddie instead. ¬†I really feel sorry for Cora, and I hope she gets out of jail.


It’s a relief to finally have answers, but there are still so many questions.

  1. ¬†Who was the man in the mask? ¬†Was there even a man in the mask or just another ‘replacement’ in Cora’s head?
  2. Will Cora finally be released from jail? ¬†Maybe she won’t, but…..
  3. Where is Maddie?  Is she even alive?
  4. Who was the woman in the woods? ¬†It doesn’t make sense for it to be Phoebe because her parents loved her and hated Cora. ¬†But they’re crazy, so….
  5. What will happen to Cora, Mason and their son?
  6. Who are the other players?  Have we met them before?
  7. DO any of Ambrose’s….proclivities have anything to do with this? ¬†Is it further proof that he’s damaged too?
  8. What clues will we find out next week?


The Sinner - Season 1

Poor Cora…..

So this past episode of The Sinner was…..something, huh?


I feel sorry for Cora. ¬†We know she killed Frankie in full view of dozens of witnesses. ¬† Nobody can deny that, We know that she isn’t some cold-blooded murderer. ¬†But with each episode, we’re actually surprised she hasn’t killed anyone sooner! ¬†It seems like everyone in her life has abused her, insulted her, manipulated her or just make her feel so bad about herself. ¬†Everyone except Mason and Ambrose, of course. It’s like the incident was a horrible, yet convenient outlet for all the rage she’s been building up inside her. ¬†Is Frankie even involved in the country club incident?


At least one problem was solved–the death of J.D. ¬†I never liked or trusted that man. ¬†I don’t know if we were supposed to. ¬†I think he was involved still, but his role was small. ¬†At the end of last week’s episode, I was scared for Cora and their son. ¬†I kept thinking, “Please don’t do it, Mason! ¬†Think about Laine.” ¬†So Mason didn’t kill J.D. ¬†Any number of people could have. ¬†It was probably another victim’s family member who did it. ¬†Or one of his drug clients. ¬†Mason is understandably sad. ¬†He wants to help Cora, but doesn’t know how. ¬†I don’t think he’s involved anymore. ¬†I’ll be shocked if he is.

What proved to be most shocking was Phoebe.  We know that Mama Crazy was abusive and their father was pretty much worthless.  Now Phoebe is an abuser too?!  That scene was too much, so I skipped ahead.  No wonder Cora wanted to leave!  Her whole family is crazy.  Who could blame her?

After a relatively uneventful episode, we finally got somewhere.  Ambrose took Cora to the creepy country club to see if she could remember what happened.  The first trip yielded no result.  They went back at a later date, to what looked like a guest house or a shed.  Cora finally started to remember.


Then the end credits rolled.  Just great.


The Sinner - Season 1