Review for “13 Reasons Why: Season 2”

The first season of the controversial 13 Reasons Why was….pretty intense. Okay, very intense. It certainly got people talking, yelling and just scared. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it, but it was a very good show the first season. So it wasn’t the least bit surprising when a second season was ordered. It still gets people talking. But is it as good as the first?




The 2nd season is still very Hannah-centric. It almost felt like she never died. But part of me wished that it wasn’t like that. I’ve learned things about Hannah–bullying, lying, keeping more secrets etc. Things that made it very hard to feel sorry for her. Hannah is so frustrating!



Clay in 13 reasons why

So was Clay. He was certainly a complex character. He’s a generally good person, but also kinda self-righteous and annoying. There were times I just wanted to slap him. When he found out about Zach and Hannah being a couple. Hannah wasn’t Clay’s girlfriend. He couldn’t even tell her how he felt about her. Zach could. Or like the Polaroid scenes. He implied that the girls were asking for it. Luckily, Sheri set him straight. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of people who think that. And that’s one of the reasons why so many victims are so scared to come forward. Clay was far less sympathetic this time around.

The big 180s:




Of course I’m talking about Courtney and Kevin Porter. Last season, both were insufferable. Though I liked Porter more. This season, they were like completely different people. They grew as characters and learned from their mistakes. I was very proud of them both. The sad part was that Porter lost his job. Then again, it’s probably for the best. He’ll be able to help more people in an environment full of people who don’t cover their asses all of the time.

The new characters:

newbie traitor in 13 reasons why

Mixed bag. I liked Cyrus and Mackenzie–kinda. I thought it was very nice that Tyler had friends who accepted him. At least until episode 11.  I was glad that Jessica had a friend in Nina at first.  But then I hated her for stealing those Polaroids and burning them.  She kept talking about her story, but she didn’t think about the other victims.  What if they wanted to move on?  Get those bastards who hurt them in jail for life?  Jessica needed those photos!  Because of Nina, that bastard Bryce isn’t in jail where he belongs.  Chloe was a sweet girl, but I hated her for staying with Bryce.  Even though she knows what he did to her, Hannah, Jessica and who knows who else.  I hated the bitchy lawyer, but she was good at her job.  Bryce parents?  Both actors did a good job, but I didn’t like them either.

Poor Tyler:

Tyler in 13 reasins why


Tyler has done some messed up things on this show.  Then again, what character here hasn’t?  But I’ve always had sympathy and empathy for him.  Maybe I should hate him, but I don’t at all.  I was happy that Tyler had friends for accepted him for who he is.  I was happy that Tyler finally got help for all of the issues he had.  I was definitely happy that he was beginning to be happy again.  But then that happened.  I think you all know which scene I’m talking about.  It still makes me wanna throw up!  To hell with Monty and his goons!  Why did they do that to him?!  Just as Tyler was beginning to be happy again.  Shaking my damn head.  Which leads to the next section…..

The Ending at the Prom:  Normally, I’m not one to condone any kind of violence in real life.  But in the world of fiction, I often make exceptions.  After all, they’re not real people.  Just characters on a show.  So it’s safe to wish death on them.  As you all may know, Clay was somehow able to talk Tyler out of shooting up the school.  But I actually wish he didn’t.  This is bad of me to say, but I wanted Tyler to shoot up the school. And I was actually disappointed when he didn’t.   It would’ve been much more fitting to just let him do it.  I mean, he was apparently pushed to his limit.  Someone pushed to their limit wouldn’t listen to Clay and have them risk another friend’s freedom just to save someone they don’t even like.  But then again, Clay does have a huge hero complex.

Jessica:  She was the star of this season.  Definitely.  I so desperately wanted her to get justice.  Who knows?  Maybe she will next season.  If not, I’m sure that many fanfiction writers make sure she does.

Jessica in 13 reasons why

Overall, the season was just okay.  It didn’t pack the same general punch as the previous season.  Too many characters and situations pissed me off.  I guess I’d give it 5 out of 10.

Review for Face/Off


Synopsis: A police captain goes undercover to stop the terrorists who murdered his son many years before.

Cast: John Travolta as Sean Archer, Nicolas Cage as Castor Troy, Joan Allen as Dr. Eve Archer

I guess I have a soft spot and/or occasional interest in thrillers from the 1990s. I was…..too young to be seeing any of these movies in theaters. My parents only let me watch an R-rated movie maybe once or twice. I don’t know. There’s just something about movies from that era. Fast-paced, crazy, over-the-top movies that also make you think. This time, I’m talking about Face/Off. Let’s get into the review.

mirror scene

It’s difficult to say who gave the better performance in Face/Off—Travolta or Cage. Both of them are very good actors.  Even though at least one of them has fallen from grace, somewhat. I think they both did great jobs playing both villains and good guys.  Well, good but frazzled, overworked guys.  But they were at their best when they had scenes together.  and there were plenty of those.  I wondered if they were/are friends in real life.  Probably not, but bravo gentlemen.  The other actors did a good job in their roles too.  But they weren’t particularly memorable.

It’s pretty rare to see actors play both the good guy and the bad in the same movie.  But…. read above paragraph.  I kinda wish that this kind of thing could be shown in movies more.  I guess they don’t because it’s too challenging?  Maybe?  The execution of the movie was very over-the-top, crazy and maybe a little nonsensical.  But none of that really matters because it works so well onscreen.  John Woo did an exceptional job directing this movie.  The writing was mostly very good too.  The action scenes are among the best I’ve seen in a movie.  So many breathtaking ones, it’s hard to choose which ones.  The very last scene?  The hangar scene?  Ugh!  So many good ones!  Fan nerd’s dream! I’d see a movie by this team again.

Over-the-top, insane but ultimately very entertaining, this was one action-packed, cling-on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.  It was never dull for one second, and it’s worth a million rewatches.  It never gets old.  I give Face/Off  a 8.5 out of 10.  I’d highly recommend it, and it’s available on Netflix or on online stores.