Review for “The Couple Next Door”

Review for “The Couple Next Door”

Synopsis: A mystery story about a couple whose child was stolen.

Anne and Marco Conti are just exhausted.  They recently became parents to little baby Cora, and they have no real time to themselves.  For just one night, they attend the party of their glamorous next-door neighbor.  They wanna  let loose and have fun.  Fun without their little daughter, whom they leave home alone.  So they get the shock of their lives when they return home to find Cora missing from her crib.  This is just the beginning of the many problems the Contis will face.  Get ready for a rough ride.

It’s quite a task to write about such unlikeable people.  You have to find a way to make them sympathetic as well.  But I think that Shari Lapena did an excellent job of that.  All of the characters have done terrible things, but somehow, you find yourself feeling sorry for them…a little.  I felt the most sympathy for Cora, the couple’s six-month old daughter.  But out of the adult characters, I felt the most sympathy for Anne.  She has never quite had an easy life growing up.  And she has to deal with a lot of really intense things.  What are those?  You’ll have to read the book in order to find out.  There was some sympathy for Marco.  I could somewhat relate to a few of his struggles in the book.  But for a lot of the story, I didn’t like him very much.  I couldn’t stand Anne’s step-father.  What a twisted man! You just wanted to punch him in the face.

With this book, Lapena used a slightly more traditional format.  From the very first page, you just have to know what happens next.  It felt like I was going through a variety of different feelings–shock, surprise, disgust, sympathy, anger and relief etc.  I wanted to shake Marco violently for even suggesting that they leave their baby daughter at home alone.  That was incredibly dangerous and stupid.  Later on, you’ll see why he did that.  You’ll probably won’t believe it.  It was fun to see things partly from Detective Rasbach’s perspective.  There was tons of secrets that the characters kept form each other.  I liked how they were unveiled one piece at a time.  It never felt overwhelming.  He was an interesting character.   I wish we knew more about him, though.

My biggest issue with the book was the ending.  At first, I liked it.  That ending was certainly a shock. Upon rereading, however, I liked it a lot less.   I know a lot of people hate ‘happily ever after endings’.  But I think it would’ve made more sense this time.  Anne and Marco had gone through enough.


Besides the above complaint, I really enjoyed reading The Couple Next Door.  It was a fun, fast-paced read.  In fact, it was probably one of the best mystery books I’ve ever read. Highly recommended,  I’d give it a 9 out of 10.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.


Review for “The Woman Next Door”

Review for “The Woman Next Door”

Synopsis:  Two former friends come back together in a strange and terrifying way.

Hester is a sixty-plus widow living a lonely life.  Her dog, Bertie, is her only companion.  Melissa is a fortyish woman who appears to have the perfect life.  These two women have absolutely nothing in common except for the fact they are next-door neighbors.  And they used to be friends.  But murder and scary secrets force them back together.  How does it all unfold?

I enjoyed reading about both Hester and Melissa.  I found Hester to be more interesting and sympathetic , however.  Just by ‘looking’ at her, you wouldn’t think she would be capable of doing some of the things she did.  She does scary things, and is very practical and smart.  But also really eccentric.  She certainly has quite a few screws loose.  But I felt sorry for her because she didn’t seem to have anyone.  And I kinda understood why she latched onto Melissa so hard.  Kinda.  If she were my neighbor, I don’t know what I’d do.

Melissa was still a great character too.  She could be quite mean a lot of the time, but the book did a good job of explaining it.  She had gone through some painful things too, but handled it in a less-than-conventional way.  She was equally smart, less practical and her secrets were more interesting than Hester’s.   It turns out that she was just as twisted as Hester could be.  She just hides it a lot better.   These two women have far more in common than you’d think.

Sometimes, the multiple point-of-views way of storytelling can be quite confusing.  In this book, however, it was done very well.  It was perfectly paced–not too slow or fast.  It really helped you get to know the two women.  The Woman Next Door was completely unpredictable, full of twists, turns and is very dark.  Cass Green did an amazing job, and I hope she writes more books in the future.


Overall, The Woman Next Door was a lot of fun to read.  Maybe ‘fun’ isn’t the right word. It was fairly short, but it kept me guessing the entire time.  The ending was…interesting.  You’ll have to find out for yourself.  I highly recommend it.  I give it a 9 out of 10.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.


Review for “Life After Coffee”

Review for “Life After Coffee”

Synopsis:  Amy O’Hara, who is a coffee buyer, loses her job and becomes a full-time mom.

Things are not going well for Amy O’Hara.  She just lost her job as a coffee buyer.  Along with that, financial security.  She has a loving, talented but lazy wannabe screenwriter husband at home who refuses to get a job and help her.  And her two young children are a couple of spoiled brats.    Amy is exhausted, overwhelmed and frankly clueless about being a mother.  She was the breadwinner and Peter was a stay-at-home dad, so she never had to worry.  Now worrying is all she does.  How will she deal with everything?

Amy came across as very human to me.  She was a smart, funny and relatable character and I enjoyed my time with her overall.  The author did a great job outlining Amy’s transition from working mom to a full-time mom.  This woman had no idea what she was doing!  But she lived and learned and I felt like I was learning with her. (I have no kids, but hope to have some in the future.)  Her honesty was refreshing, and her sense of humor amazing.   I could see some similarities between the two of us.  However, there were things that I certainly didn’t agree with.  In fact, there were choices of hers that I hated.  But I mostly found her quite relatable.  Her kids were total brats most of the time.  There were times where I couldn’t blame her for wanting to escape.  Peter, Amy’s husband was written as a decent person overall.  But he was annoying and immature, and I could easily understand Amy’s desire to smack him upside his head.  I had a hard time understanding why he didn’t want to help out more financially or around the house. Why did”Daddy mode” stopped the moment Amy got fired?  But his reasons became clearer by the end of the novel.

Have you ever of the saying “It’s funny because it’s true.”?   That was often in the case of reading “Life After Coffee”.  I’m not a mother (though it is an adventure I’d like to have someday.)  But I could relate to some of Amy’s struggles.  Who doesn’t have at least one frustrating family member?  Amy struggling socially and not fitting in with the other women in the book?  Yep, I could relate to that as well.  Maybe that’s why I found the book–and her–to be funny.

Despite some blink-and-you-miss-it flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Life After Coffee”.  It was realistic without being boring.  It was fun, hilarious and refreshing.  This was Amy Franken’s first novel.  I hope she writes more.  I highly recommend it. I give it a 9 out of 10.  You can find it on and other online bookstores.

Review for “Public Secrets”

Review for “Public Secrets”

Synopsis:  This is a story about a rock-star’s daughter and her turbulent life.

Author: Nora Roberts

Living in a glass house?  Life in the fish-bowl?  That would be pretty suffocating, wouldn’t it?  Ask Emma McAvoy, daughter of Brian McAvoy, the lead singer of Devastation.  Every move is watched by the paparazzi, the gossip magazines and the public.  But few people know the true Emma.  The ‘inside story’ that made her who and what she is.  It’s an interesting ride.  So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Emma was certainly one of the best characters I’ve ever read.  She’s intelligent, strong and certainly a survivor. She’s never had an easy life. Brian rescued Emma from her abusive mother. He gave her a better life, but tragedy seems to follow Emma just when life starts to go well for her.  Emma goes thru a number of sad occasions in her life–abuse, death of loved ones, many different homes, a destructive marriage, constant nightmares etc.  Whoa! Emma has gone thru a lot. And I feel a lot of sympathy for her. She handles all of this very well.  Adding the ‘celebrity’ angle was a very interesting touch, making a good story even better.  There were many times where I thought, “Please.  She’s been thru enough.  Stop it!”  The character of Emma was very well-written.  So were the people who were her support system.  The characters–Brian, Bev, Johnno, P.M., Stevie, Michael, and even little Darren–were all fleshed out and felt like real people.  The villains were also well-written and creepy.   But of course, the best character was Emma herself because this was her story.

The story takes place in many different places over a 20-year period.  Sometimes, I hate it when a book, movie or TV show is too long.  Because then you’ve lost interest, and have a rather uncomfortable pillow.  In this case, however, the length was perfect.  I would be hard to tell the story in 200-300 pages.  It was like looking into someone’s else life.  No. Better.  It was like being a part of several people’s lives.  You never feel bored for a second.  Certain characters, you grow to like more and more with each turn of the page.  Nora Roberts did a fantastic job here.  But the novel tends to get a little too dark and depressing sometimes.  For a second, you wanna stop reading.  You can’t however.  You have to know what happens next.

“Public Secrets” was published in 1990.  But the stories are relevant for any time period.  It goes into dark, saddening territory sometimes.  It can be hard to read.  But if you’re fine with that, you may like this book.  Ultimately, almost everyone gets what they deserve in the end–good and bad.  I highly recommend this book, and give it a 8 out of 10.  You can find it at, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.  Contains graphic material.



Review for “Don’t Say a Word”

Synopsis:  Allie and Bitty Callahan deal more death and craziness in this third installment of the Strangers books.


It’s been more than six years since the events of Ugly Young Thing.  The young woman in the previous books is completely different now.  Allie is happier than she’s ever been in her life.  She’s been adopted by Bitty.  She has an adorable young son called Sammy.  And a great job to match.  Things can’t be any better for her.  But it all starts to change when Bitty’s new foster children, Zoe and Carrie Parish come to live with them.  The peaceful life Allie loves is about to be shattered.

As expected, the addition to the Stranger series was a thrill-ride from start to finish. I liked Allie a lot in this book. She’s grown into such a strong, caring, amazing woman. I liked that Jennifer Jaynes written her with the right amount of toughness and vulnerability. I also liked how the fact that wrote the book from the kids’ points-of-view. Bitty was incredible too.

“Don’t Say a Word” was written in a similar fashion to the previous two books. image

But she shook things up a little bit this time. There were some surprises here that you definitely won’t expect. You won’t believe whodunit this time. Then maybe you would? Or you won’t. This was a very intense book. One of the things I liked best about it?

Apart from a couple of minor disappointments, I enjoyed reading “Don’t Say a Word”. It’s more of a psychological thriller than a murder mystery. It works really well, and I hated that it had to end. I give it a 8.5 out of 10. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other bookstores.

Review for “Mother, Can You Not?”

Review for “Mother, Can You Not?”

Synopsis:  This book is based on the popular Instagram account, @crazyjewishmom.

Author: Kate Siegel


Helicopter mom?  Have you ever heard of the term?  I have for brief moments in time, but I didn’t know what it meant until recently.  That’s what “Mother, Can You Not?” is about.  It takes the phrase “helicopter mom” to a whole new, side-splitting level.  I also reminded me a bit of my own childhood, and how I was raised.  Another Facebook add to the list.


I must say that I enjoyed every second of “Mother, Can You Not?”.  Both Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman are two of the funniest people I’ve ever come across.  It’s the perfect book for your first real audio experience.  Well, I had to use that Audible membership sometime.  I’m sure it would’ve just as good being read the the old-fashioned way, but there’s just something about audio.  Anyway, I enjoyed the relationship between mother and daughter.  You can easily tell that Kim and Kate care about and love each other greatly.  They seem to be the best of friends.  Some of these stories reminded me of my dearly departed grandmother, who was like a mother to me.  She and Kim could’ve easily gotten along.  They have/had so much in common.

“Mother, Can You Not?” is absolutely hilarious.  I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much while reading a book.  Seriously, these two are so funny, it (almost) hurts.  Kate Siegel is a great writer, and I hope she continues to do so.  She and her mother are a fantastic duo.  But it can’t be funny all the time.  There were more somber stories in the book.  For example, the story of Kate’s first heartbreak.  That story was a bit too relatable. Right down to my loved ones and not-so-loved-ones telling me to back off. It made me really sad.   They were more hopeful stories, too.  It was also thought-provoking.


Other than a few sad moments, I really enjoyed this book.  What was my biggest problem with this book?  It ended.  But that’s what the Internet is for, partly.  Get ready to laugh like you never laughed before.  I highly recommend it, and give it a 9 out of 10.  “Mother, Can You Not?” is available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.