13 Reasons Why: Season 2 possibilities 

Hannah’s story is finished, but there are plenty more to tell.  There were so many loose ends in the season finale.  I hate when movies and TV shows end that way.  It looks like we’ll be getting a 2nd season anyway.  Here are some storylines I’d like to see.

  1.  Alex.  The last time we saw Alex, he was in critical condition after a suicide attempt.  We know that he did some terrible things on the show.  He made that stupid hot-or-not list.  Because of it, his friendship with Hannah was ruined.  Not only that, he ruined Hannah’s friendship with Jessica too.  He wasn’t exactly a good boyfriend to Jessica.  He dumped her for not wanting to have sex with him.  But unlike a lot of the others, he actually felt guilt and remorse for what he did.   We were so consumed by Hannah’s story that we overlooked Alex’s issues.  Reckless behavior.  His mood swings.  Dealing with depression and anxiety.  Sadness.  Emptiness.  A major life crisis, which was Hannah’s death.  Making preparations, etc.  Whether he’ll survive or not is undetermined, but I would like to hear his 13 reasons why.
  2.   Jessica.  She was raped by her friend, Bryce.  Two people she cared about knew about it and did nothing about it.  Justin is one of those people, and he lied to her about it for months.  Really deep down, I think Jessica knew something bad had happened to her.  She just couldn’t piece it together until Justin finally confessed.  And he gave the stupidest, yet understandable reasons why he didn’t report it.  She was betrayed by a lot of people in her life too.  We could see things from her point of view.  It doesn’t have to follow the exact same formula as Hannah’s.
  3. Tyler.  I know you’re wondering why I put Tyler on this list.  He’s done a lot of messed-up things on the show too.  He stalked Hannah, which is why he was one of the 13 reasons she killed herself.  He leaked that picture of her and Courtney after Hannah rejected him.  He’s a bit of a creep.  But you don’t necessarily have to like someone in order to feel sorry for them.   I mean, look at Hannah.   From what little information we have, Tyler is an outcast.  Tyler was bullied for all of his life, it seems.  He tried desperately to fit in, but he was constantly rejected.  He didn’t seem to know how he came across.  The only way he could connect with people is through his photography.  I think he’s likely dealing with depression too.  Constant rejection will do that to you.  Trust me, I can relate.   If he doesn’t get the help he needs, he could get into some real trouble.  The last time we saw him, it looked like he was planning a school shooting.  And he had pictures of the people he apparently wanted to kill.  He took down Alex’s picture, possibly meaning that he change his mind about killing him.  We see a flashback of Alex defending Tyler against Montgomery, one of Tyler’s bullies.  We don’t know for sure if they’ll use the school shooting story.  But it would certainly be interesting to see Tyler’s point of view.


These are just some random theories I have.  13 Reasons Why is streaming on Netflix.

HTGAWM: Let’s Talk about Meggy

I am still upset that Wes is gone.  I’ll never agree with the decision to kill him off.  I actually want it revealed that he faked his death after all.  But since that isn’t gonna happen likely, let’s focus on the murder suspects.  There are so many of them.  Everyone except Annalise is a suspect.  Including Meggy….

Meggy was Wes’ girlfriend during the first few episodes in season 3a.She actually seemed like a sweet girl.  The perfect distraction from all the Keating 5 madness.  You were even willing to overlook some warning signs.  For example, stealing driver’s licenses and going through people’s phones.  But you kinda liked her.  But Wes didn’t.  He left her for two reasons.  Firstly, he realized that he’d never be able to have a normal life with her.  Second of all, he’d fallen in love with Laurel.  Having her around for the first part of the season made sense.

But it doesn’t make sense to have her around now.  Wes left her to be with someone else.  She was no longer a part of his life.  The only reasons left?  Either she is involved in Wes’ death in some way.  Or they’re just screwing with us again.

Meggy does have motive to kill Wes.  This is a man who broke her heart.  He lied to her about everything.  He left her to be with someone else.  And she sorta liked Laurel too.

In the mind of a psycho, it’s a perfect reason to kill.  But since so many people are beginning to suspect her, it’s unlikely that she’s the killer.
But it’s a little too soon to jump to cross her off the suspect list.

HTGAWM: Those Ungrateful Brats

HTGAWM: Those Ungrateful Brats

Yes, I’m talking about the Keating Five.

Annalise isn’t a nice person.  She isn’t necessarily a good person.  But she’s always been honest about that.  She never pretends to be something she’s not.  Despite constantly switching between love and hate for her, I’ve always found that admirable.

Unlike these twits who seem intent on blaming her for every little thing, whether it’s her fault or not.  For instance, Michaela.  Nobody told her to screw Caleb or fall in love with him.  Those were her choices.  Vulnerable about Aiden?  How? She didn’t even love him!  All she wanted was to be a trophy wife, part of a power couple.  She was using him, and he was using her.  There was no real love there.  Not for each other, anyway.
Or what about Connor?  Out of all the ridiculous things he said, the most was that Annalise ‘kept us from going to the cops’.  Shouldn’t he be blaming Laurel for that?  She’s the one who manipulated Wes and Annalise that night.  Used them as her puppets.  How long has it been since Sam’s murder?  A year?  That means they had countless opportunities to go to the cops and confess.  How many times have the Keating 5 sat in police chairs and lied?  They could have told the truth right then and there.  During the first murder night, there was a security guard (?) in front of the house. Sam’s body was technically still inside.  All any of them had to do that night was calm down, call 911 and tell them what really happened.  It was a simple, open-and-shut case of self-defense.  They all made it worse.

Even when Annalise tried to help, still didn’t listen.  Well, to Wes thru Annalise.

Same with Asher.  Sinclair wasn’t wrong about Judge Millstone.  He was a bad man. An innocent man spend 21 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  Another woman will never get justice because her attackers happened to be friends with Asher.  She didn’t pick the best time to say it, but it was true.

No matter what, in their eyes, they are wounded birds and Annalise is the cold, vile bitch who’s ruining all of their lives *sarcasm*.

They should be kissing her big rings.  They’d be in orange jumpsuits if it weren’t for her.  She’s risking everything to save her ‘children’s’ spoiled, ungrateful butts.  Her career, her reputation, her health, sanity etc. They should be grateful, but they treat her like a villain instead! They should just grow up and learn some responsibility. They’re the ones who ruined their lives, not her.


But then we wouldn’t have a show to watch, would we?  Okay, rant over.

HTGAWM: The Survivors

HTGAWM: The Survivors

Who do you think will survive the madness coming in season 3 of “How to Get Away with Murder”?  Obviously, Annalise will.  But who else?

I love the new formula they’re using this season, but I also hate it.  LOL.