HTGAWM: Stuff’s About to Hit the Fan

Well. We’re in the 10th episode of season 5 and things are….slightly less confusing than they were before. Now Bonnie and Nate are going over alibis. Gabriel admits what we and K5 already knew. Now their biggest threats are literally in front of their faces. And it looks like they won’t get away with anything much longer. TO be honest, I don’t want them to. But I still can’t stop myself from watching.

Bonnie and Nate:  So they are both feeling monstrously guilty for killing D.A. Miller. But they’re pretending that he really was a bad guy so they can move on. Personally, I think that Nate wants to get caught. We’ve seen this situation before with Wes killing Sam. Good guy killing the bad guy. Only, Sam really was a bad guy who deserved what he got. Wes saved more than just Rebecca that first night. With Miller and Nate, I don’t know. It’s looking more and more than Miller was innocent after all. Maybe…or this could be another red herring, with Miller being craftier than we knew. Either way, it doesn’t look good for either of them.

Asher…: wins the award for Worst Liar Ever. It didn’t take much for him to crack.

Connor’s comment about Wes:   It was unexpected and very sweet.  I never thought I’d see that moment happen on the show.

Back on Miller:  I don’t think he had anything to do with Nate Sr.’s murder.  Nothing.  But I do wonder if this is a Sam/Frank situation.  Meaning that back in season 1, people suspected that Sam killed Lila Stangard and they were right….mostly.  However, they didn’t know that Frank was also involved.  I think it’s the same thing here.  The Governor set up Nate Sr., but there is another player behind the scenes that we don’t know about yet.  So I believe that Miller’s real intention is to take down the Keating crew. Pick up where Denver left before he died. In the process, he found out about Gabriel. Probably paid for his education and whatever else. Convinced him to infiltrate the Keating crew. Maybe Miller did some undercover work himself when he started up with Bonnie. Then he actually fell in love with her.  His “mask” slipped a little bit while they were getting ready to leave for the wedding.  When Ron told her how he really felt about Annalise.  Most of it was right, but he didn’t understand the bond between Bonnie and Annalise.  That relationship is toxic, but Annalise is her family.  She may have loved Ron, but she will choose Annalise over him or any man.  Every time.  That proved to be a huge mistake, as you viewers know.  But now that they know for sure who Gabriel really is. At this point, Gabriel doesn’t know that Miller is missing, much less dead. SO what will his next move be? Will he try to take down Annalise and the K5 on his own? I get the feeling that they’ll either kill Gabriel or try to pin Miller’s death on him.

The torture continues…:  Annalise’s suffering is just as much of a character as she is.  When was the last time she was happy for more than 2 seconds? Do the writers enjoy torturing her? I don’t know.  But Eve’s reappearance was really sad.  She told Annalise several times that she chooses to be miserable.  Can someone do that?  Maybe, but that’s another post.  We found out that Eve’s girlfriend is pregnant.  Eve looked happy, Annalise didn’t.  Particularly because she wanted a child with Eve.  Eve apparently didn’t want a child.  The dynamic between the two of them is changing.  Eve tries to push Annalise to date more, but Annalise refuses.  She has enough on her plate. This was the first time she openly and honestly talked about her pansexuality.  She believes that Eve’s “privilege” allows her to be herself.  But she doesn’t have that option because she’s from the “damn Bible belt”. She hasn’t really been there in a long time.  I know that certain beliefs and fears are deeply ingrained in some people, even if those beliefs are wrong. They were both right here.  Annalise has to save herself, but how can she do that with those damn brats keeping her down?  Her only hope at happiness is by keeping her distance from them.  Maybe Tegan can show her how? I’ll always be an Annaleve shipper, but I could never say no to a Tegalise union.  The two of them together would be interesting.

So what’s next? Will Annalise actually be able to fix this? What will Bonnie do? We’ll see….

Review for HTGAWM: Eve is Back!

After a two-month wait, season 5B of How to Get Away with Murder is up and running. The Keating crew is back. So is Eve (yay 👍!) and Sam (nay 👎!). The episode starts with Annalise on her living room floor confronted by a scary-looking Gabriel. So why is here? Let’s find out……

Annalise and Gabriel: So what did Gabriel want? It was as benign as I expected. He simply wants to know about his father that he never knew. See? Harmless…..unless the Keating crew is involved. Annalise didn’t tell the whole truth, of course. But she did tell him that Sam Keating was a really bad man. Gabriel didn’t wanna believe it. Even after telling that Sam was behind an innocent girl’s murder. Or throwing Wes under the bus again. He left Annalise’s apartment with more questions than answers and heartbreak. Honestly, it was actually for the best.

Speaking of Wes: I still miss him 😭. But anyways, Wes almost became Annalise’s son for real. In a series of flashbacks, it’s reveal that Annalise started the adoption process very soon after the loss if her own child. But Sam–being the life ruiner he was–forced Annalise to choose between him and Wes. Annalise made the wrong decision. Sam also tried to reconnect with his ex and the child he abandoned. The grandma, Gwen, refuses to buy into Sam’s bullshit. Sam likely ruined Vivian’s life as well. Smart woman, that Gwen.

Weird twist of irony. The fact that Sam could have been Wes’ father.

Meanwhile back at…. For once, Annalise and the K5 have absolutely nothing to do with the big murder mystery this season. Pete would never want anything to ruin Coliver’s big day. Or would he? Maybe not. But the band meets at their house, where Michaela tells them about her encounter with Bonnie. Laurel finally tells them about Gabriel and his true parentage. The rest of the group is furious at Laurel for keeping this massive secret from them. They get even more nervous when Michaela implies that Gabriel is missing. All she had to do was keep her mouth shut……

Speaking of shut mouths….: I couldn’t be more over the moon over Eve coming back. But one thing troubles me. Why did keep Sam’s bogus love letter to his ex-wife? Wouldn’t it have been better to give it to her all those years ago? But maybe she did it to protect Annalise from even more trauma? So many bad things happen on the show because of people’s misguided-but-genuine attempts at protecting people. Maybe that’s what it is.

Bonnie and Nate: Both of them are guilt-ridden over killing D.A. Ron Miller. Bonnie is trying to push it in the back of her mind, but she’s unsuccessful. We barely saw Nate this episode. But when he appeared, he implied that he was turning himself in. That fits in with the real Nate.

But it looks like Gabriel will confront the Keating crew next week. He’ll tell them that he’s Sam’s kid. How are they going to deal with that?

Until next episode……

HTGAWM: The Midseason Finale

htgawm-718540758.jpgDO you want good news or bad news?  Well, I guess we’ll start with the good news.  Last season was a disaster, with a capital “D”.   The sole episode I liked from season was the Scandal crossover.  But this season is better than the previous season, but not by much.  It’s great to see them back in the court room, trying cases. Annalise has finally moved out of the Heartbreak Hotel, and into her own apartment.  And it’s way better than the Keating house, and much more inviting.  It was nice to see Annalise winning again…

But the bad news is the 5th season so far is….underwhelming?  It feels like they’re not completely done punishing Annalise.  The woman has been through enough!  She should just come up with a brilliant Machiavellian scheme that will put the Keating 4 in jail forever.  And maybe kill Frank?  But that’s unrealistic, isn’t it?  Plus, despite all of the new additions, you can still kinda feel the Wes-lessness.

But anyways, here are some more thoughts on season 5A.

  • Another dead A.D.A:  It turns that the victim was none other than A.D.A John Miller.  He was Bonnie’s new love and her boss.  He seemed to truly love Bonnie for who she was. He endured a brutal beatdown over a crime he probably didn’t commit.  His whole death scene was tough to watch.  Long, drawn-out, painful.  Unnecessary.  Definitely in my top 5 as far as the death scenes on HTGAWM. And on to of it, a poor little baby witnesses it all! Who were the culprits?
  • Making a murderer:  While Bonnie was the one who delivered the ‘final blow’, it was because of Nate.  When Nate got the picture of Miller on the pay phone, he went mad.  Then he beat the crap out of the poor guy.  This is majorly out if character for Nate.  In the five years out of watching this show, I’ve never seen such a 180.  Nate is one of the rare good people on the show…or was.  He’s never lost his cool.  Okay maybe once or twice.  He never punished Annalise or the K4, even when he should’ve.  He’s always helped them, was kind, patient and decent.  So to see him behave this way makes no sense whatever.  But then again, what does make sense on this messy show anymore?
  • Poor Nate Sr. :  Why is that whenever someone is happy on this show, someone comes along and wrecks it?  I mean, Wes finally finds happiness, and he gets killed.  Annalise finally realizes that Eve is the one for her, she gets rejected.  Nate Sr is finally set free after years of mistreatment, and he gets gunned down.  For what?  Somebody set that poor man up.  He didn’t go crazy on the guards like they said.  They killed him on purpose.  But who is responsible for the set-up?  Right now, the most likely suspect is the Governor.  While I do believe that she’s shady, I’m not sure she’s responsible for Nate Sr.’s death.  I mean, she could be. Miller certainly wasn’t. But things are never what they appear to be on HTGAWM.  I think there’s another player here that we don’t about yet.
  • Annalise and the Not-so-Fantastic four:  Interesting how they weren’t involved in the murder this time, but they’ll definitely be involved in the big cover-up.
  • Gabriel is…:  The son of Sam.  Keating, that is.  Obviously, Gabriel was brought in to make up for the massive mistake of killing off Wes.  But his motives for being involved in the Keating people’s lives was unclear.  Until the last few minutes.  Then it became shockingly clear.  Gabriel wants to make these people pay for killing his father.  A constant reminder of what they did in season 1A.  It’s actually brilliant!  But how is it all going to play out?
  • Laurel’s mother:  I’m fairly certain that the witch killed her own mother.  But there’s no proof either way.  Did she just up and disappear?  We got no explanation as to what happened to her.  I wanted to know.


So the season so far isn’t that good, but not exactly.  I may binge-watch the second half and write something then.  

Review for “Ocean’s 8”

Cast:  Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, Cate Blanchett as Lou, Mindy Kaling as Amita, Anne Hathaway as Daphne, Rihanna as Nine Ball, Helena Bonham Carter as Rose

Synopsis:  A crime caper tale about 8 women who rob a museum.



It seems to be a theme these days–sequels coming out years and years after the originals.  It’s also a theme for movies to be renewed.  It’s like they’re sequels and new original movies at the same time.  I watched the first 2 Ocean’s movies a long time ago.  Both were incredible.  Now there’s a new Ocean’s movie out in theaters now.  It’s gender-flipped.  Will it be as good as the originals?  (Side note:  I recently learned that the real original Oceans 11 movie starred Frank Sinatra in the 1960s.  That makes the George Clooney’s Oceans movies remakes.  Interesting fact.


There wasn’t a single bad performance in Ocean’s 8.  Sandra Bullock, who played the leader Debbie Ocean,  was a badass.  She was very believable in this role, and a great bad girl.  Cate Blanchett was also great playing Lou, the right-hand woman.  Even Rihanna was surprisingly decent as the mysterious Nine Ball, hacker genius.   Her role wasn’t very demanding, but still, nice job.  Anne Hathaway turned out to be the biggest surprise here.  Her character/target, Daphne Kruger, was a famous actress who was initially shallow, flaky and stupid. But she turned out to be a lot smarter and less oblivious than we thought.   The 8 women and their different personalities blended very well.  Will we see more of this in the sequel?


What about the cinematography, the pretty images?  Well, they were beautiful.  Cinematographer Eigil Byrd did a great job with it.  I loved all the cutaways and two way scenes.  Gary Ross did a good job directing Ocean’s 8.  You can tell that he, the stars and everyone else had a lot of fun making this movie.  That’s what makes it fun to watch.  Did it have problems?  Reasons for me not to like it?  Of course, but not many. *mild spoilers* I was kinda disappointed not to see Danny Ocean pop up at some point in the movie.  I was hoping his death was just another con.  Sadly, that wasn’t the case.  Plus, I never understood Daphne’s motives. *mild spoiler alert over*

If you like fun, fast-paced movies that shouldn’t keep you guessing, but do, then watch Ocean’s 8.  Awesome cast, good directions and great costumes.  What more could you want.  But it also makes me slightly paranoid for some reason too.  Haha.  I’d give Ocean’s 8 an 8.5 out of 10.   It’s in theaters now.  Go see it.



Review for “13 Reasons Why: Season 2”

The first season of the controversial 13 Reasons Why was….pretty intense. Okay, very intense. It certainly got people talking, yelling and just scared. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it, but it was a very good show the first season. So it wasn’t the least bit surprising when a second season was ordered. It still gets people talking. But is it as good as the first?




The 2nd season is still very Hannah-centric. It almost felt like she never died. But part of me wished that it wasn’t like that. I’ve learned things about Hannah–bullying, lying, keeping more secrets etc. Things that made it very hard to feel sorry for her. Hannah is so frustrating!



Clay in 13 reasons why

So was Clay. He was certainly a complex character. He’s a generally good person, but also kinda self-righteous and annoying. There were times I just wanted to slap him. When he found out about Zach and Hannah being a couple. Hannah wasn’t Clay’s girlfriend. He couldn’t even tell her how he felt about her. Zach could. Or like the Polaroid scenes. He implied that the girls were asking for it. Luckily, Sheri set him straight. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of people who think that. And that’s one of the reasons why so many victims are so scared to come forward. Clay was far less sympathetic this time around.

The big 180s:




Of course I’m talking about Courtney and Kevin Porter. Last season, both were insufferable. Though I liked Porter more. This season, they were like completely different people. They grew as characters and learned from their mistakes. I was very proud of them both. The sad part was that Porter lost his job. Then again, it’s probably for the best. He’ll be able to help more people in an environment full of people who don’t cover their asses all of the time.

The new characters:

newbie traitor in 13 reasons why

Mixed bag. I liked Cyrus and Mackenzie–kinda. I thought it was very nice that Tyler had friends who accepted him. At least until episode 11.  I was glad that Jessica had a friend in Nina at first.  But then I hated her for stealing those Polaroids and burning them.  She kept talking about her story, but she didn’t think about the other victims.  What if they wanted to move on?  Get those bastards who hurt them in jail for life?  Jessica needed those photos!  Because of Nina, that bastard Bryce isn’t in jail where he belongs.  Chloe was a sweet girl, but I hated her for staying with Bryce.  Even though she knows what he did to her, Hannah, Jessica and who knows who else.  I hated the bitchy lawyer, but she was good at her job.  Bryce parents?  Both actors did a good job, but I didn’t like them either.

Poor Tyler:

Tyler in 13 reasins why


Tyler has done some messed up things on this show.  Then again, what character here hasn’t?  But I’ve always had sympathy and empathy for him.  Maybe I should hate him, but I don’t at all.  I was happy that Tyler had friends for accepted him for who he is.  I was happy that Tyler finally got help for all of the issues he had.  I was definitely happy that he was beginning to be happy again.  But then that happened.  I think you all know which scene I’m talking about.  It still makes me wanna throw up!  To hell with Monty and his goons!  Why did they do that to him?!  Just as Tyler was beginning to be happy again.  Shaking my damn head.  Which leads to the next section…..

The Ending at the Prom:  Normally, I’m not one to condone any kind of violence in real life.  But in the world of fiction, I often make exceptions.  After all, they’re not real people.  Just characters on a show.  So it’s safe to wish death on them.  As you all may know, Clay was somehow able to talk Tyler out of shooting up the school.  But I actually wish he didn’t.  This is bad of me to say, but I wanted Tyler to shoot up the school. And I was actually disappointed when he didn’t.   It would’ve been much more fitting to just let him do it.  I mean, he was apparently pushed to his limit.  Someone pushed to their limit wouldn’t listen to Clay and have them risk another friend’s freedom just to save someone they don’t even like.  But then again, Clay does have a huge hero complex.

Jessica:  She was the star of this season.  Definitely.  I so desperately wanted her to get justice.  Who knows?  Maybe she will next season.  If not, I’m sure that many fanfiction writers make sure she does.

Jessica in 13 reasons why

Overall, the season was just okay.  It didn’t pack the same general punch as the previous season.  Too many characters and situations pissed me off.  I guess I’d give it 5 out of 10.

HTGAWM: The Big Custody Battle

htgawm-718540758.jpgI hate to love this show…or I love to hate it.  Maybe both.  But the point is that I still watch.  How to Get Away with Murder still keeps the motors upstairs running, despite my opinions on it.  This week’s episode was pretty good.  There were some memorable moments.


  1.  Wes–dead or alive.  Is he really dead?  That’s what many people want to know.   I wish that he was still alive and I’m not alone in this.  My wish is for Wes to come back in the season finale, grab that baby and take him far away from the madness.  But since that isn’t happening, I will say this.  Killing Wes off was a major mistake.  He should still be alive, and the show just feels empty without him.  I would trade him for Bonnie, Oliver or Frank in an instant.  (Especially Frank.)  But why was Dominic his emergency contact?  Why was he meeting with Laurel’s mom?  I get the feeling that they’re assassinating his character.  And/or Wes (possibly) being alive is the carrot they’re dangling to keep fans interested.  They never should’ve killed him.  Speaking of character assassination….
  2. Let’s talk about Laurel.   She used to be one of my favorites on the show.   She was whip-smart, sassy, intuitive, sneaky etc.  The real mini-Annalise.  Then season 3 happened. They have really, really trashed her character over the past 2 seasons.  To the point where she is nearly irredeemable.  However, since season 4b started, I started feeling sorry for her.  She went into pre-term labor because of Frank, gave birth in a broken elevator.  Both she and little Wes almost died.  Had her baby stolen from her.  Forced to be in a psych ward.  So on and so forth.  So far, there aren’t any shocking secrets about Laurel.  Nothing that would indicate that Dominick’s words about her were true.  Not yet anyway.
  3. The Castillos.  Now Jorge is innocent and her mother is the real mastermind behind Wes’ murder?  Makes sense.  Not really.  Based on what we know about Laurel’s dad, he’s not a good guy.  He’s incredibly manipulative, ruthless, psycho and he will do anything to get what he wants.  Even at the expense of his family.  And even if he is innocent of Wes’ murder, he’s definitely killed before.  He put both his daughter and his then-wife in psych wards just because they were inconveniences.  Definitely not a good person.  Laurel once said that he was just like Frank.  What about Laurel’s mother?  She seemed relatively harmless most of the episode.  Then that picture of her and Wes popped up and it made me wonder.  What if they both wanted him dead?  Why would Sandrine team up with the man who made her life hell?  Why would she want Wes dead?  Or is this just another cheap thrill courtesy of Nowalk and company?  And Laurel’s mother is completely innocent?
  4.   That Defense Attorney.  What a jerk.  I felt sorry for all of his, um, victims.  But none more than Dr. Roa.
  5. Poor Isaac.  I felt so sorry for him this week.  It seems like his life became even more crappy since he met Annalise.  D.A. Jerkwad basically slaughtered Issac on the stand, accusing him of killing his late daughter, Stella.  Because of that, his medical opinion was deemed worthless.  So Laurel lost her custody battle.  That wasn’t the worst of it.  In the last scene, Issac is alone in his office.  It appears that he relapsed, just like his ex-wife feared he would.  Sad…….
  6. Nate’s dad.  We finally get a bit of a background on Nate.  His father had been in prison for most of Nate’s life.  And their relationship is strained because the latter chose to be a cop.  Given the way that Nate Sr. was treated in jail, I can’t really blame him.  I felt sorry for him.


Looks like Laurel finally meets her son next week.  And we’ll hopefully learn a little more about her and Mommy.  Until next time……